About Us

Who We Are: We at Egyptian CPAS believe in the importance of managerial functions and development. In keeping in line with this philosophy, we have developed our services to reach the highest standards which elevates our client’s potential to reach the highest possible level of performance and profitability.

What We Do: The executive management team does the primary role of Planning – Organizing – Directing – in other words, control functions, while the role of business development focuses its efforts on the development of work procedures and acts such as assistants to the top management in monitoring and evaluating performance measures (KPI’s) by monitoring and continuing to improve quality, cost reduction and maximium profitability.

Vision: To be a leader in the field of business development in the Middle East and Northern Africa.

Mission: To provide integrated business development services. Everything from the establishment of companies, audit services, tax advice, financial advisories, administrative development and training. Through our outstanding experts in the fields of business development, we will continue to fulfill our commitments to each customer, helping them to reach the highest levels of performance, cost reduction and maximize profitability, all in accordance with our scientific method, which we follow step by step in our work.


  • Focus on your Job all else will follow – Since the beginning, we’ve focused on providing the best experience possible. Whether we’re providing consultant, implementing new system, we take great care to ensure that they will ultimately serve you, rather than our own internal goal or bottom line.
  • We are Customer oriented – we listen to our clients and respond with utmost vigor and energy.  We are always  looking for new solutions to create added value for the customer in order to build a long-term creative relationship.
  • Creativity – We embrace continuous improvement and development internally and externally. Creativity is embraced and fostered within our organization.
  • Team spirit – we cooperate with employees, colleagues and with the client for a synergistic relationship based on exchanges of experiences  which adds untold value to a project.
  • Trust – we maintain client trust by being keen to maintain our commitment to the promises we make and to our dedication to work.


  • Innovation and creation of new ideas and tools to support client efficiency and increase profitability and optimal use of capital.
  • Attention to organizational aspects and updates.
  • Work to control the financial aspect of the company, according to the latest review systems and procedures for internal control.
  • Create a harmonious coordination between various departments.
  • The discovery of imbalances and deficiencies and work to avoid and minimize its disadvantages.
  • Create a complete system of human resources for the client and their administration.
  • Training and development of human resources of our client to reach their peak performance.

Our Experience We have more than 13 years of experience in the Egyptian market working with many major sectors within local and international companies.

Our Clients We have extensive experience throughout our history in providing services to our existing customers in varied categories such as …

  • Medical supplies sector
  • Contracting sector
  • Real estate investments sector
  • Garment industry sector
  • The paper industry and recycled paper sector
  • Industrial Contracting sector
  • Managing companies and real estate sector
  • Software sector
  • Packaging sector
  • Engineering consultancy sector

Work Within The Company The spirit of committment and teamwork within the company gives us an edge up in all our dealings. The team is trained at the highest level and each employee is sure of his ability to carry out the tasks entrusted to him. The company offers the training and the services that make their employees feel that not only belong but contribute to the organization.