Financial Accounting Services.

The accounting process extends over three phases, the first is event registration and second grouping and third offer. In some installations there may not have the established capacity to implement the second and third phases. The conditions may be associated with the implementation of phases referred to their needs and the extent of expertise may not be available in some facilities to the high cost of getting these experiences, so we at guesthouse Egyptian CPAS  ensure implementation of the second and third phases as required by accounting standards issued by the Minister of investment to provide this information in the designated authorities or partners and shareholders.

Financial Advisory Services.

The role of the financial advisory services companies is no longer as it was in the old days. Our roll has become one in a world filed with variables larger than just looking at trends locally. To be Auditors it is now required of us to look at feasibility studies, cash flow studies, evaluation studies and to study mergers and the market value of the share with an eye to the global marketplace.

For instance, a client has started commercial activities and his daily inquiries are about assessing the conditions of companies, technical analysis and financial shares that were bought or managed by this company. Our role through our consultants is to give you the overall picture with regards to your full investment activities and how market changes and what we see in the future with regards to how this may effect you.

The Scope Of Business In Financial Advisory Services.

  • assessment of existing or planned investment projects.
  • assess and examine market conditions.
  • study and design of organizational structures and management systems.
  • preparation of budgets and feasibility studies.
  • performance evaluation.
  • accounting.
  • development of organizational structures.
  • documentary and book courses.
  • preparation and payroll settlement.
  • company formation.