Audit Services And The Adoption Of The Financial Statements.

Through our company “EgyptianCPAS,” financial advisers, you will be in the developmental and evaluation of the control system through which you can provide protection to the assets of the business and to provide confidence in the accounting data and improve production efficiency and verify compliance as required by administrative policy.

The availability of an adequate system of internal oversight will provide a compliant work environment. This in turn is what contributes to reducing turnover, employment and maintains the spirit of teamwork and high rates of return on investments.

The availability of an adequate system of control will be the cornerstone of all audit and review, and will greatly facilitate the work of the auditor and supported after the customary report.

Our concept of audit has to do with audit assignments. The team will cooperate with the staff of your facility as one team and not as people assigned to the task, and wherever possible we will use our expertise to assist your staff in the performance of their functions efficiently and effectively.

Our methodology is a review based on what it is done without interruption and in as little time as possible  Our team will provide you with all audit requirements so that financial management is already collecting this information.

Our methodology also includes the Department of quality control of audit work through a working group composed of:

  • partner (audit team Manager).
  • supervisor or Chief Examiners (references).
  • assistant auditor or more depending on business needs.

The Scope Of Work In Audit Work.

  • review and study the accounting system applied.
  • review of financial statements prepared by the financial management.
  • assessment of internal audit systems.
  • the accounting supervision.
  • formulate budgets.