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Accounting Services for Small and Medium ‎Businesses help manage and organize the financial and accounting aspects, to improve its activity

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If you are a business owner or you are about to start one, you will need Accounting Services for Small and Medium ‎Businesses; To help you manage your business, track the flow of various administrative, financial, and warehousing operations, provide error-free financial reports, and other services that make it easier for you to manage your small or medium business.

The importance of accounting services for small and medium ‎businesses

The importance of accounting services for small and medium companies lies in providing detailed and accurate financial reports and solving many customer problems due toinvoicesand the inability to extract them. The importance of accounting services for small and medium companies can be summarized as follows:

  • Accomplishing various tasks and arranging all files related to the company; To extract the required data quickly.
  • Accuracy in recording financial transactions and reducing the percentage of human errors concerning manual recording of daily financial transactions.
  • Provide detailed daily reports related to the size of the gains and losses and other reports.
  • Securely storing and obtaining data; Whereas, whereas accounting services for small and medium-sized businesses facilitate the electronic recording and storage of customer data; For easy access when needed.
  • Currency exchange, if your company deals with external clients, you will need a program that helps you exchange the currency to get bills quickly and avoid financial problems.
  • Accounting services for small and medium-sized companies facilitate the task of human auditing and review and help increase productivity and save time and effort.

Specifications of the accounting services program for small ‎and medium-sized companies

When you are looking for a suitable program to provide accounting services for small and medium companies, you must take into account some of the essential points and specifications of this program, such as:

  • To be an easy-to-use program with a simple and uncomplicated user interface.
  • The program should provide all the necessary functions; To help you manage your company optimally.
  • To be flexible and accept data modification easily.
  • The program should be significantly secure and protected; To preserve customer data and financial records.

These unique specifications are difficult to find except in the programs provided by ECPA company, one of the largest accounting and legal consulting firms. Through the ECPA programs, you can quickly run your administrative and legal work.

What accounting services do you need to run your company?‎

ECPA provides accounting services to small and medium businesses; To help administrators run their businesses smoothly. The most prominent of these services are:

1-Capital ERP Services

TheERP systemincludes many services that facilitate the management of different departments within the company. The Capital system contains several necessary modules, including:

  • Payroll Module.
  • Store Module.
  • General Ledger Module.
  • E-invoice Module.
  • CRM Module.
  • Manufacturing Module.
  • Contracting Module.
  • Service Center Module.
  • Purchasing and sales Module.
  • Point of sale Module.

2-Legal advice

If you are a business owner, you will need a legal advisor; To provide distinctive legal solutions that help you run your company correctly.

The legal advisor studies and analyzes the aspects of the issues in detail and organizes the legal regulations employees follow; To ensure the achievement of order and discipline within the company.

3-Internal Control Services

ECPA provides the internal control service; To help you set laws and policies that preserve the company’s financial budget and protect it from manipulation, monitor the performance of the company’s employees, and punish wrongdoers.

4-Tax services

Different types of tax services prompt business owners to seek tax and accounting advice. With ECPA services, you can bypass all tax hurdles. ECPA helps you provide comprehensive reports of your legal position on various tax returns and solve all tax problems.

5-Consultations related to listing companies on the stock exchange

ECPA provides the service of listing companies on the stock exchange and provides all requirements.

ECPA helps you build robust internal and external systems, deliver good financial reports, and optimize company resources; To raise the company’s financial value and increase the volume of your business.

6-External audit Services

Companies need impartial and well-studied opinions about their documents and the integrity of their financial statements; To be able to achieve their goals and correct all errors.

Within the accounting services for small and medium companies, ECPA provides the best comprehensive external audit services that include studying and analyzing all company documents and records, understanding its policies and laws, preparing a final report on the company’s actual situation, and providing suggestions for all problems.


This service provides an administrative system; To help you maintain the company’s accounting records, prepare monthly statements of employees’ salaries with a deduction of the percentage of taxes and social insurance, and prepare reports and financial records following international laws and regulations.

Advantages of accounting services for small and medium ‎businesses from ECPA

Accounting services for small and medium businesses are essential; To facilitate all procedures of the institution and improve its financial and administrative position.

ECPA provides distinguished accounting services that organize the organization’s work efficiently, help you increase your profits, and improve the company’s and employees’ performance. Its features include:

  • Providing a distinguished accounting system for your company, based on international principles and standards.
  • The services provide an integrated, easily accessible database.
  • It increases the company’s productivity and increases the organization’s work efficiency.
  • Increasing security and organization within the company and preventing any problem that hinders achieving goals.
  • Analyzing the company’s financial, legal, and tax positions and helping make the right decisions.

FAQs about accounting services for small and medium ‎businesses

What are the types of accounting services for small and medium ‎businesses?‎

Accounting services include several different types, including financial and ‎administrative services, taxation, internal auditing, and cost accounting.‎

What is the purpose of financial accounting?‎

Financial accounting aims to provide the correct information and data that the ‎company and the client need, in addition to studying the company's financial ‎position; to determine the need for modifications.‎

What is the difference between bookkeeping and accounting?‎

Bookkeeping means recording financial information in a single database, while ‎accounting is a more comprehensive concept that sets the mechanism for ‎calculating financial aspects and recording their data.‎

What do bookkeeping services include?‎

Bookkeeping services aim at saving accounting costs, preparing a chart of accounts, ‎preparing all reports regularly, making bank reconciliations, following up on the ‎company’s performance and analyzing its financial position, and others.‎

How is corporate accounting software selected?‎

The appropriate program is chosen based on the company's needs and the size of its ‎business. It is a comparison between the company's needs, the capabilities of the ‎program, and what it can provide.‎

ECPA always strives to provide the best programs and services to facilitate the administrative work of its clients’ companies.

ECPA provides the best accounting services for small and medium-sized companies, which ensures the organization of the financial management of the business within the institution and the employment of the capabilities and resources of the company in their proper place.

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