A word about Taxes

How chartered accountants help you in Taxes

Our office offers a variety of tax services in which we have gained high experience through the studied practice of hundreds of them, and we have achieved great success in all the services that we have participated in, including:

Tax and accounting consultancy:

We have distinguished experts who specialize in all types of taxes and dealing with the tax authority. Among our tax advisory services are:

  • Services for preparing and processing the annual tax return.
  • The service of preparing the monthly return for value added tax.
  • Settlement and termination of disputes and tax disputes.
  • Making adjustments for annual taxes on wages and salaries
  • Preparing and processing the declaration for quarterly withholding and collection tax from the source

Calculating the tax on the net profit of the company:

We provide certified accountants and experts in the field of auditing and accounting, who are trained in the latest accounting programs and applications and offer you:

  • An accurate report of the total tax calculated on the company's profits.
  • Estimate all potential tax liabilities.
  • Submission of documents and returns to the tax authority.
  • Negotiate with the IRS.

Tax returns review service for the two value-added taxes:

  • Monitoring and following up on the validity of companies' application of value added tax.
  • Business VAT registration or deregistration service.
  • We submit requests to reconsider the calculated value of VAT and others.
  • Services to recover the value added tax imposed on real estate and property owners.

Tax services for real estate transactions:

  • Submitting a declaration of the exact tax value calculated from the value of the sold property.
  • Submitting a request to pay the tax if the customer is the buyer of the property and wants to pay it.

Electronic tax services:

As we said previously, our office has sufficient knowledge and is constantly informed of the latest technological means related to the tax, whether calculating it, filling out and submitting the tax return electronically via the Internet, or following up on payment.

Accounting and tax advice Tax deduction at source:

Our office follows up the process of applying the withholding tax at the source and provides assistance to your company team with a set of well-thought-out tips and instructions. We also prepare tax forms and reports to the authority and follow up the tax implementation procedures.

Tax planning and consulting services:

One of the most important organized tax services that we implement in parallel with the daily activities of the company, in order to make the most of the legal opportunities that are granted to investors by participating in the process of applying the correct instructions of the law that raise the status of the company.

We contribute to the tax planning process through three services:

Follow-up service and ensure the safety of daily tax business:

This service aims to follow up the progress of the tax plan as planned, to follow up on the integrity of the progress and the accuracy of the results obtained, and this is done on a monthly and quarterly basis, and to implement the declarations of deduction and collection, and to deliver notices in this regard.

Tax business automation service:

Where a group of the best Egyptian experts transfer all business and tax services to an ERP system dedicated to your company, taking into account all business and daily tax changes such as:

  • The tax value for each product.
  • The date of the tax due to the company.
  • Entities that can obtain tax exemption and which cannot.
  • The dates of all taxes due and paid.
  • Obtaining notices of approval and rejection of the company's tax system and its reports from the Tax Authority and its authorities.
  • Automatic sending of invoices to the tax office and obtaining a delivery or receipt message.

Executing tax administration requirements with utmost accuracy and speed:

Daily business increases the requirements of the tax administration, and the speed of response to these requirements increases the confidence of the tax authorities in the management and credibility of the company, and vice versa. If the response is delayed, it will cause concern and doubt about its credibility.

Do not hesitate to contact us, and we promise that you will share your success story with our office as soon as possible.

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