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You must have noticed recently the extent to which service and modern car maintenance centers have developed, especially with the high demand for periodic repair and maintenance of cars and large equipment These successful centers depend on their work on the auto service center management software, which helps them achieve the desired excellence in their work and facilitate all procedures.

ECPAprovides the best auto service center management software, which meets the company’s constant keenness to provide unique and distinctive services to its customers in Egypt and the Arab world.

An overview of the service centers and car maintenance program

The auto service center management software is an integrated digital system for managing all workshops and car service centers and their technical, accounting and administrative maintenance.

The program consists of interconnected sub-systems to enable the user to monitor and control all vehicle maintenance operations within the workshops and service centers.

The program provides follow-up to the car before entering the workshop, such as booking its maintenance appointment, receiving the customer, inspecting the vehicle, repairing it and installing spare parts, making a final inspection of the car, preparing the electronic invoice, delivering the vehicle to the customer, receiving the maintenance cost, preparing the exit permit and after-sales services.

Why do major car maintenance centers and workshops use the auto service center management software?

The program helps you to become familiar with all the data of cars and customers that the center deals with, in addition to many other features, including:

  • The program simplifies the transactions between the center and its clients.
  • The program helps you measure your center’s success in achieving the goals set.
  • The program has many tools that help you make the right decisions and support planning processes.
  • Reduce data entry errors and thus increase productivity and efficiency.
  • The program alerts you in the event of delays or actions to be implemented, which will help raise the center’s performance rate.
  • The program makes it easy for you to schedule operations to avoid problems with the customer.
  • Service center software improves the inventory cycle.
  • The reports issued by the program have greater confidence among clients and investors.
  • The speed of communication with the customer to easily obtain his confidence and satisfaction.

Components of the program of service centers and car maintenance :-

Through the program, the various systems of car maintenance center companies can be managed, such as car showroom management, warehouse systems, customer service, and others.

The program also provides multiple menus through which many commands can be executed, such as:

  • Car Service Centers:It is possible to register the branches of the service centers and display data about them and their officials.
  • Recording the type of operation:Recording all necessary maintenance work on the car, such as periodic maintenance, plumbing, mechanics, or others.
  • Recording the operations that will be performed:such as changing filters, oil or paint, and specifying the price of each service.
  • Catalog setup:The module lets you put pictures and data for each car and set its price chart.
  • Car problem:Through the program, you can record a maintenance problem that requires the car to remain inside the center.
  • Reservation:The customer can use the program to book an appointment, specifying his car data, payment method, and car insurance company. The program determines the total value of the invoice plus tax and issues a reservation order that the customer can print with the reservation number and date.
  • Follow up on the reservation:The user can approve the reservation and turn it into an execution order or reject the submitted request.
  • Work execution order:The maintenance process can be followed up, as the vehicle data, the type of work on the vehicle, and the spare parts used are recorded.
  • Follow-up work:Follow up on the distribution of cars to the center’s engineers and workers, and follow up on what each worker has accomplished.
  • Invoices:Issuance of the electronic invoice and receipt before handing over the vehicle to the customer.
  • Reports:Print multiple reports for any part of the program.
  • Movement of money:it is possible to calculate the cash in the treasury or the bank and follow up on the center’s daily, monthly and annual revenues and expenses.

Automotive service and maintenance program from ECPA :-

The Egyptian Certified Public Accountants Company provides an electronic program that works as an integrated system for managing car maintenance centers and craft workshops.

The software was developed by software and hardware technical experts.

Its implementation was supervised by the most significant accounting office team in Egypt and the Middle East.

Unique Features of the Service Centers Program from Capital ERP

  • Unlimited database to add thousands of cars, spare parts and data for each.
  • Chart of accounts for each customer and supplier and accurate recording of journal entries.
  • The possibility of adding more than one branch to the service center or workshop.
  • The program considers the application of all Egyptian insurance and tax laws.
  • The program automatically migrates the recorded transactions to the ledger and financial accounts.
  • A particular form can be designed for the invoice or reservation and payment orders, and the center’s logo can be added.
  • The program provides alert notifications for various orders, such as available technicians and the availability of spare parts.
  • The program provides users privileges, so the center’s director can assign specific individuals to perform certain tasks within the program without seeing any unauthorised data.
  • It provides automatic backup retention, and the user can retrieve the data.
  • The program is available in several languages ​​and currencies.
  • The program provides the feature of adding tax to the cost, adding it to the service price, and issuing the electronic invoice.
  • The program provides indicators to measure performance within the center in various aspects of work, such as reservations, the number of cars received workers’ performance, spare parts, and others.
  • The program is flexible and can be easily modified to suit the business volume of car maintenance companies.
  • It achieves integration with other accounting software, where you can link it with the inventory management and customer relationship management software.
  • Customer, vehicle, or worker data can be imported from other programs in multiple formats.
  • Continuous technical support throughout the week to respond to user inquiries.
  • Different price plans to suit all companies and maintenance centers.
  • The program can work on most devices and smartphones.

Frequently asked questions about service center modules :-

What reports can the auto service center management software issue?

  • Reports of daily, monthly and annual work orders and the results of statements and reservations.
  • A statement of invoices and payment orders received.
  • A report on the car's condition, the date of arrival, and the technician responsible for its maintenance.
  • Reports to monitor the performance of workers and the level of work completion.
  • Reports of the center's total sales in detail.
  • A report on the performance of each branch of the center.
  • Reports on operations within the center, such as spare parts sales or maintenance.
  • Various reports on spare parts stores.

Is it possible to show the number of spare parts available in the stores?

Of course, the program achieves complete control and monitoring of spare parts stores, where it is possible to prove the coding of items, deal with exchange orders and others. The program also provides integrated reports on the stores, such as the movement of inventory during a specific period and a list of the types of existing items and their prices. Will and determination to succeed are the essential ingredients for excellence. Your determination will certainly increase if you have a professional partner that helps you grow, such as ECPA, one of the most prominent and prominent law offices in Egypt and the Middle East and the first partner of most successful businessmen and investors.

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