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Do you need to start setting up your firm? Do you need to manage yourcompany’s accounts and everything related? Do you want to grow your business and achieve profits?do you need help to handle your bookkeeping? audit your accounting cycle and transactions in your company? Then it would help if you communicate immediately with a trusted accounting and auditing office.

Accounting and auditing office services are countless. A certified public accountant office is not just a partner in managing your business; it helps you achieve the profits you desire according to the provisions of the law with a zero-error rate.

Some may wonder about the feasibility of dealing with accounting and auditing offices in Egypt. Does the presence of a chartered accountant in the firm dispense with the use of an external office? What services are provided by accounting offices, and what are Egypt's best accounting and auditing offices? This is what we will try to answer in the article.

What is the Accounting and Auditing Office?

They are offices or companies owned by a certified public accountant who is authorized to practice the profession independently.

The office has a team of auditors that perform various accounting andlegal servicesfor people or companies in return for agreed amounts of money.

There are many accounting offices, including general offices for all specializations and others specialized according to the task they perform, such as tax accounting offices to help clients prepare their tax files and reports.

There are criminal accounting offices to expose any embezzlement, stock price manipulation, money laundering, or other criminal problems.

Specialized financial accounting offices also manage corporate accounts and prepare financial statements, income statements, retained earnings, cash flow, etc.

Administrative accounting offices are interested in collecting all information and reports that help plan, set budgets and make decisions.

As for government accounting offices, they are non-profit, but their goal is to assist the state in imposing its control over financial resources in government agencies.

Why do companies need the accounting and auditing offices?

These offices will undoubtedly play an essential role in setting up projects and helping companies and people. The most important reasons why you should rely on an accounting and auditing office are:

Efficiency and experience: A chartered accountant cannot obtain a license to establish his office until at least three years of training in an accounting office. Therefore, he can provide an effective solution to any accounting and legal problems that you may encounter.

Credibility: Accounting firms are independent and will not be interested in corrupting your firm. Instead, accounting firms strive for the success of your business to build a good reputation in the labor market.

Saving time and effort:Accounting, tax and audit work requires a lot of time, money and effort to be completed. Accounting offices will be faster and more economical.

Legal work: The accounting and tax law is constantly being amended. You will not be able to follow these updates regularly, unlike accounting offices that always seek to follow up on all updates constantly.

Better growth of your business: The services provided by accounting office’s greatly enhance the increase of companies’ business, accelerate the growth rate, and develop activities, services, and plans .

Better performance of financial tasks: accounting office will help you to constantly update the administrative and financial reports, give an honest opinion on the soundness of the financial statements and improve the timely payment of financial and tax obligations.

Improving future plans: Giving accurate reports on the company’s financial situation enables the accounting office to set the company’s future plans and goals more accurately.

Continuous Audit: The accounting and auditing offices audit the accounting and financial operations of the firm suddenly, continuously and periodically for constant review of the company’s financial position

What specifications should a certified accounting and auditing office have?

  • The office should consist of at least three accredited accounting and auditing experts and legal consultants.
  • The office must be accredited in the international or Egyptian Register of Certified Public Accountants.
  • Having a local or international certificate.
  • Ongoing support from the office team.
  • Trusted office known for its credibility, good reputation and integrity.
  • Verify the years of experience of the office and the models of the companies it deals with.
  • The ability of the office to follow up on the most important laws and their amendments and the labor market and its requirements.
  • Proficiency in communication skills and social skills for fruitful cooperation.
  • Completing work efficiently and proficiently at the lowest cost.
  • Dealing with the latest digital accounting software and electronic computing tools.

What services does the accounting and auditing office provide?

There are many services provided by accredited legal accounting and auditing offices. Such as:

Accounting and bookkeeping services:

• Preparing the firm's accounting and financial records.

• Preparing tables, financial statements, ledger accounts and final accounts.

• Building an accounting system compatible with the nature and volume of activity.

• Preparing the planning budget and follow-up reports.

• Chart of accounts and organizational chart design.

• firm incorporation services and preparing feasibility studies.

• Preparing the documentary and accounting cycle.

• Preparing financial and accounting reports to be used in decision-making and investment.

Tax services:

• Tax examination and audit.

• Preparing various tax returns.

• Solve tax problems.

• Conducting tax settlements and settling disputes.

• Registration in the electronic invoice system.

• Reports of the most critical tax savings.

• Miscellaneous tax advice.

• Minimize the tax burden.

• Tax planning by the Egyptian and international tax law regulations and developments.

Financial Services:

• Financial systems development services.

• Recording and processing share transactions.

• Various services in the field of investment.

• Providing a variety of financial advice.

• Recording the movement of funds and exchange aspects.

External Audit Services:

• Examine records and ledgers to ensure their integrity.

• Evaluate the integrity of the firm's internal audit system.

• Detecting any error intentionally or unintentionally.

• Issuing reports on the result of the audit with all data.

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