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It is known that construction companies have the most significant investment in the market. As their business expands, these companies can no longer manage their operations without the digital construction accounting and project management software equipped with all the modern accounting capabilities.

Because the “Egyptian Certified Public Accountants” company constantly seeks to serve its clients in various sectors. It provides the best accounting programs in Egypt and the Middle East, including the best program for Contracting and construction management companies. This program provides all the necessary needs for contracting company owners and employees as well as complete control of all aspects of financial and administrative activities.

An overview of the construction accounting and project management software :-

An electronic program designed to serve contracting and construction management companies, through which it is possible to add projects, their conditions, work details, determine expenses, calculate profits generated from each operation, calculate subcontractors’ work, equipment costs, and make many reports necessary for the contracting companies management system.

Countless advantages of the construction accounting and project management software :-

  • Inventory all financial, technical and administrative aspects of the company’s projects and dividing them into completed , future andin progress projects.
  • Inventory and rationalize the costs of each project.
  • Accurately calculate the revenue of each operation, which helps you to prepare accurate planning budgets.
  • Identify your customers and track their payment methods.
  • Improving strategic plans and making more accurate budgets.
  • Improve your relationship with your employees by rewarding hardworking employees and strengthening the weaknesses of other employees.
  • Inventory control and quick handling of any shortage to avoid a lot of work crises.
  • Monitor the performance of contractors and daily workers and determine the details of their accounts.
  • Accurate reports on your business to help you attract more clients and
  • The construction accounting and project management software is one of the excellent advertising methods to help gain the trust of the existing client and attract new clients.
  • It is an accurate analytical method of your company’s success in managing its business and achieving its goals.

Components of the ECPA Construction accounting and project management software :-

To be able to carry out many necessary tasks; The contracting module consists of several integrated modules, including:

Fixed asset management module, which includes :-

  • Register the fixed asset and state all its data.
  • Calculate the operating expenses of the asset.
  • Calculate the monthly and annual depreciation value of the asset.
  • Record the operations that have been made to the asset.
  • Calculate asset maintenance costs.
  • Record the total asset costs.

Bid registration module, which includes :-

  • Determine bids and pricing.
  • Writing and recording contract clauses.
  • Create quotes.
  • Preparing letters of guarantee.
  • Determine the principal owner of the project.
  • Registration of project documents.
  • Record the title of the project.
  • Search for tenders or registered bids.
  • Possibility to print bid forms.

Subcontractor module, including :-

  • Register the names of subcontractors.
  • Classification of registered contractors.
  • Preparing statements of accounts for contractors.
  • Designing and printing contracting contracts with the subcontractor.
  • Issuance of bonds with the value owed to the contractor.
  • The possibility of distributing the tender to one or more subcontractors.
  • Immediate sending of contractors' account entries to the ledger.
  • Issuing and printing statements of payments for contractors.
  • The ability to prepare reports with business extracts in various ways, such as the supplier, period, service, and others.
  • Creating a chart of accounts for all projects and subcontractors.

Inventory management module, which includes :-

  • High ability to record an infinite number of stored goods, their data and prices.
  • Supporting warehouse transfer of materials between warehouse branches and work sites.
  • The possibility of adding a large number of stores and dividing them into primary and subsidiary stores.
  • Recording purchase orders for raw materials.
  • The ability to accurately monitor the materials spent on a specific project.
  • The ability to know the inventory balance and manage warehouse activities, such as issuing purchase orders from suppliers, depositing goods, etc.
  • Coding items and printing items cards.
  • Inventory of stores and issuance of reports with the final results.

Customer management module, which includes :-

  • Registration of personal customer data.
  • Recording customer contract data.
  • Recording each customer's particular balances, payment methods, credit and debit balance, the amount paid and its date, and the remaining amount and its date.
  • Classification of customers by region, type or entity, and others.
  • Send inquiry messages to determine customers' opinions about the company's services.
  • Send promotional messages about your company's best offers and the latest services.

Extract management module, which includes :-

  • Recording technical abstracts.
  • Ensure compliance with specifications.
  • Issuing financial extracts.
  • A full abstract can be issued at the end of the project.
  • Issuing reports on the number and value of extracts for any contractor.
  • A statement of the terms of the abstract. A full abstract can be issued at the end of the project.
  • Show the executed and remaining percentage of the project. A full abstract can be issued at the end of the project.

Construction management module, which includes :-

  • Description of the contracts assigned to each bid.
  • Preparing the terms sheet.
  • Determining the items of each project and dividing them into primary and sub-items.
  • Follow up on the work of contractors and daily workers.
  • Preparing estimated studies for the revenues and expenses of any new project before starting work.
  • Drawing up an implementation plan for the project, including the work conditions, the time specified for its completion, and the estimated deviations.
  • The possibility of printing parts of the documentary cycle.

Contracting module from ECPA :-

ECPAhas made a great leap by producing the best accounting system for contracting companies. The program will enable afullmanagement to your project. The program features include preparing the necessary estimation, registering contracts, setting planning budgets, and comparing them with actual budgets.

It is concerned with directing the cost and preventing it from exceeding the approved budget. It will allow you to limit the quantities in stock, prepare extracts, and so on.

Unique Features of the ERP Capital Construction accounting and project management software :-

  • A massive database of suppliers, contractors, workers, employees, projects, bids and their data.
  • The ability to import or export any data.
  • The program is flexible, enabling you to add new fields.
  • The ability to prepare and print sales and purchase invoices, quotations, and purchase orders.
  • The program accurately defines the users’ permissions with the possibility of blocking specific data.
  • The program enjoys the highest level of security and privacy.
  • The possibility of registering money in more than one currency.
  • Alert messages in case the quantities in the stores are exceeded or decreased.
  • The price plans are economical and fair in return for our high-quality services.
  • Advanced and continuous technical support with a large legal, accounting and auditing team and consultants.
  • Frequently asked questions about the contracting module.

Frequently asked questions about the contracting module :-

What reports can the construction accounting and project management software provide?

  • Contracting reports: such as reports (extracts - bids - bid pricing - quotations - cost comparison - daily abstracts - performance indicators - executive extract - pricing cost) .
  • Owner report: (Business size - contracts - owners account - owner's trial balance - financial position).
  • Subcontractors' report: (contractor's account statement - report on additions and deductions - financial position - contractor trial balance).
  • Reports with performance indicators: (project performance - time deviation - project profitability).

Does ERP Capital Contracting Accounting Program process capital expenditures?

Yes, it is processed and included in the cost of assets, and its value affects depreciation.

Is depreciation processed?

Of course, the depreciation is automatically calculated every month and processed.

Can the construction accounting and project management software manage letters of guarantee?

Yes, where the letters can be processed, heightened and reduced. It is also possible to monitor the project that have been implemented and the guarantees that have been released and are required to be released.

How is equipment defined?

Revenues and expenses are recorded for each piece of equipment, and profits and losses can be known.

Contracting and building works are complex, so the construction accounting and project management software fromECPAis specially designed with the most accurate technologies to address and manage these complexities quickly and from anywhere in the world.

Get a unique experience with the construction accounting and project management software from Capital ERP in cooperation with the best accounting firm in Egypt and the Middle East.

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