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The best electronic document management program to save time and effort and achieve the highest productivity and profitability

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At present, successful document management and electronic archiving are essential features of successful companies. We no longer need the tiring paper registration that consumes the company’s time, effort and money; now, you can fully control your electronic document management program only through the best document management software in Egypt and the Middle East.

Recent studies have found that more than 20 minutes per hour of work is consumed in writing, storing and retrieving documents, which is a significant loss of working time on paperwork.

These tasks can now be replaced by electronic work to use the better working time to achieve better productivity and profits.

But the success in thedigital transformationthat you wish for your company will not be achieved without a strong partner such asECPA, the largest accounting and law firm, which has overseen the production of a particular cloud-based program that guarantees you the best possible management of electronic records and documents.

An overview of document management program :-

Document management software is a leading electronic software with massive technologies that enable you to digitize your documents quickly. The program lets you record, plan, photograph, organize, save, modify, send, track and review files, documents and tasks associated with your company and its projects.

It also makes it easier for you to work with documents, communicate with your employees and customers, and see the latest files and modifications made by other users.

Why do major successful companies use document management software?

  • Complete control of your company’s documentary cycle and ensuring its integrity.
  • Raising the company’s productivity by eliminating the cost of writing and maintaining paper documents will save the company money and time.
  • Protect your documents from loss or forgery and keep them permanently for easy retrieval at any time.
  • Facilitating employees’ work because they can work from home or anywhere with the Internet.
  • The program organizes the administrative tasks, as it identifies the jobs, their cases, the due dates for their implementation, and the responsible persons.
  • Quick access to information and the latest document amendments will facilitate the workflow process for employees and customers.
  • Reducing work time by reducing the time consumed in writing, using printing machines, and sending files by mail or hand.
  • Elimination of human errors, one error may affect more than one document, as the electronic document management system enables you to immediately correct and process documents quickly.
  • Achieving effectiveness and communication within your company by facilitating the exchange of information and communication between departments and employees.
  • Quick communication with customers, where the program enables you to send and receive files anytime.
  • Develop the spirit of teamwork among employees, where you can allow employees to work on one file and collaborate to complete it.
  • Reducing the costs of hiring new employees, as we can train old employees, answer their inquiries and periodically communicate with them to ensure that work on the program is going in the best condition.
  • The document management program will help develop a sense of responsibility and job role, which allows discipline within the work.
  • Electronic documents will make dealing with customers more accessible and reliable, attracting them to deal again with your company.

document management software provided by ECPA :-

From the beginning, the Egyptian Certified Public Accountants Company pledged to do its utmost to serve its clients and gain their satisfaction. Therefore, it gathered the sum of its experiences and expertise that exceeded fifteen years to produce the best form of the electronic document management system and supervise its implementation within your company.

Countless Advantages of the Electronic Documents software :-

  • Complete control of your project documents in various file formats such as drawings, reports, videos, tables and more in one place.
  • The ability to store an infinite number of various files, encode files, and organize them in a tree form.
  • Possibility to share documents with the work team or clients.
  • The ability to import data from other programs in different formats, such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and others.
  • The program enables automatic backups, which helps to recover deleted or modified data.
  • The ability to search for documents using any information such as words or a number from the document title or text.
  • The program integrates with the rest of our programs, where you can link the program with other accounting programs.
  • The program is protected by encryption, privacy and user privilege controls, and no one can access the files without obtaining permissions from the primary user.
  • The program allows reviewing documents and placing an electronic signature on them.
  • Interconnection with the customer database and third parties; thus, you can send and receive documents via e-mail.

Unique Features of Capital ERP Documents Management Software :-

  • The Capital ERPDocument Management Program considers the progress of the documentary cycle by legal laws and regulations.
  • Simple and uncomplicated user interface.
  • The program is compatible with all devices and smartphones.
  • The ability to modify and customize the interface to suit the size and nature of your business.
  • The program is available in more than one language.
  • Automatic indexing of all documents.
  • Quickly scale your business, as the software accommodates rapid business growth and indexing.
  • Various packages and price plans suit all small, medium and large companies.
  • Continuous technical support throughout the week.
  • Alert notifications when documents are modified or deleted.
  • Capital ERP allows the user to fully monitor his documents through confidentiality policies that depend on the structure of passwords, authorization and limitation of users’ permissions, and knowledge of access hours to the program and devices they used to access. It provides the ability to monitor specific users or specific functions.
  • ECPA provides one of the best low-cost document management software with multiple price plans and the highest possible quality .

Frequently Asked Questions about the Capital ERP Document Management Module :-

What types of files does the document management software allow to be stored?

The program can deal with all types of files, whether documents, images, videos, audio files, electronic files, spreadsheets, graphs, or others.

Is it possible to amend various documents?

Yes, the program provides multiple modern tools that enable you to modify images and documents. The program can also send documents to be modified by external programs and then import them. The program allows keeping all forms of documents before and after modifications.

How does document management software work?

The program quickly captures documents and indexes them. The program relies on scanning and electronic monitoring techniques. The program can integrate and index several external programs such as e-mail and Microsoft Office programs and then keep them in the archive through optical identification and electronic data store .

Also , the program can deal with external systems by dragging data and emptying it into the program fields or using previous databases. You can also compare the databases with the program's data to ensure the correctness of the recorded data and to modify its errors

Your company’s success story will start with a real partner who seeks with all his strength to push you forward, such as the “Egyptian Certified Public Accountants” office, the most significant accounting office in Egypt and the Middle East.

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