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Real estate investment is one of the most difficult business due to the complexity and branching of its business and the large volume of invested funds,The investordeals with units, buyers, owners, contracts, registrations, etc. The investor here needs a real estate program that achieves an integrated vision and assists him to manage real estate and operations conducted by the investor in a professional manner. So we provided the best Real estate company management software fromCapital ERP, This enables you to take full control of all your customer, property or landlord investments.

What is the Real estate company management software?

An electronic software and a precise system designed to suit the requirements of the labor market of contracting and real estate investment companies, which provides the user with a detailed analysis of real estate and property such as contracts, accounts, customers and all operations on real estate such as booking, purchasing cash, installments, rent, maintenance, etc., which helps the management of companies.

What benefits does the Real estate company management software offer you?

  • Provide complete information on available properties and divide them for sale or rent properties.
  • Provide an integrated database and information on current and former clients, landlords, tenants, delegates or agents.
  • Obtain data on customers to be targeted and know their investment requirements and purchasing tendencies.
  • The possibility of analyzing target clients and new and existing customers and using the results of the analysis in decision-making processes and identifying the required real estate units.
  • The ability to follow up on real estate promotional campaigns and their success and return, compare them with the cost and know the best attractive means of advertising.
  • Accurate recording of costs, expenses and disbursements, which will help you save costs.
  • Complete management of all contracts and paper transactions such as checks, invoices and monthly rents.
  • Follow-up refurbishment and maintenance on units.

ECPA Real Estate Investment Software

The Accounting Office “ECPA” seeks to provide the best accounting software for different sectors. One of our best programs was the Real Estate Accounts Management software, which was designed under the supervision of an accounting, technical and legal team to come up with an integrated system, and has achieved tremendous success as a program for real estate offices and investment, marketing and real estate development companies.

Real Estate Investment software Components


  • Inventory of all units' data of different types (housing units, commercial units, administrative units, complete housing projects, complete business projects, etc.).
  • Import customer data from other programs.
  • Registration of the unit data (name of the owner - type of operation such as sale, rent or purchase - type of property - amount required - location of the unit - type of payment etc.).
  • Management of rent collection operations and sales instalments such as the amount of rent or instalment and whether it is annual or monthly and the commission of rent.


Registration of customer data (name - address - telephone and email numbers and social media accounts - his units - credits or debits to the customer - payment methods - registration of targeted customers).

Brokers or agents

A comprehensive guide to names, addresses and all data of real estate brokers, intermediaries, commission ratio and the possibility of adding a personal photo of the agent.

Customer Relationship Management CRM

  • Customer follow-up in terms of (receiving complaints - renewal and maintenance requests - customer opinions).
  • Analyze customers' purchasing tendencies and manage orders in progress


  • Registered contracts can be administered and the data mentioned therein specified.
  • Various models of contracts with the possibility of importing models from other programs.
  • Ability to print contracts

Features of Real Estate Investment module:

The Real estate company management software has many great features that cannot be limited, including:

  • Achart of accountsfor each owner, tenant, selling representative or marketing company and the possibility of registering an infinite number of customers.
  • The ability to add a large number of units, as well as more than one new tab of the unit’s data.
  • Ability to make share purchases, liquidate the project and distribute profits through the program.
  • The program allows full control over the management of shareholders’ accounts and funds and the issuance and sale of shares.
  • Complete inventory of all contracts, collections and settlement processes.
  • The possibility of registering an application for purchase or lease of a property and making a contract with it.
  • The real estate accounting and management program allows direct linkage with daily constraints, calculation of receipts, payments and cost centers.
  • The possibility of making uniform contracts with the addition and printing of the company’s code.
  • The software allows the user to record the paid value of any property and distribute the rest of the amount in instalments.
  • Save all contracts with the possibility to modify and recover them when deleted.
  • The possibility of determining fines when the rent is delayed and distributing it to the monthly rent.
  • Send different alerts as the premium maturity approaches, delete or modify a client etc.
  • The possibility of adding one or more photographs of the property or client.
  • The possibility of making forms for reservation of unit or replacement and waiver.
  • Manage the delivery of units, receipt dates and the names of the delegate and client.
  • The real estate investment program allows the user to identify available payment methods.
  • The possibility of managing maintenance operations in terms of determining who is responsible for maintenance, cost, property, repayment, etc.
  • The program allows to make price offers for many customers and communicate with them via telephone numbers and their registered accounts.
  • The possibility of importing data with different models and formats from other programs.
  • The program is available in more than one language and fully supports Arabic language as it provides easy and convenient Arabic fecade , as well as various currencies and connectivity with the money market to save value in local currency.
  • The possibility of issuing and printing various reports of the program about a particular customer, customer group, specific property or several properties within a specified period or periods.
  • The software provides security and complete privacy for the user.
  • The user can determine the powers of the employees.
  • Our team provides technical support

module FAQs

Can investor types be divided within the program?

Yes, as the program provides accounting and administrative solutions related to profit sharing, distribution, and dividing the participation percentage at the project, land or unit level.

Can the program handle owners' decisions?

Yes, the program can deal with the different decisions of the owners whether:

  • Replacing one unit with another.
  • Waiving the unit to another person.
  • Debt transfer to another new owner as in inheritance cases.

What reports does Real estate company management software produce?

The system can prepare any financial, analytical and statistical reports. the possibility of opening documents directly through the report, providing rapid access to data.

some Of these types:

  • Sales reports.
  • Reports on leased units.
  • Statement of occupied and empty units.
  • Report on commissions.
  • Late payment report and delay commissions.
  • Reports of the unit's activities or units.
  • Report on collections.
  • Aggregate statistical reports on real estate activity.

How does the management of real estate investment and contracting companies help to raise my company's profitability rate?

The program provides ways for customers to inquire about an empty unit, access its data and review the attached images of the unit and the entire building, which will save time, effort and money to visit the unit, and provide various payment methods. The program also enables you to make advertising forms for your available properties and send them to each customer's email, which will save you propaganda campaign money, as well as provide excessive commissions to company delegates.

ECPAis the best digital option for real estate investment companies that aim to digitize their business in a way that increases profit, productivity and sales at the same time.

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