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Success in business management is an art that has many secrets, and one of the most important secrets of corporate success is their ability to keep books and records professionally, keeping company accounts

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How to keep company accounts with professional bookkeeping service from (ECPA) :-

Success in business management is an art that has many secrets, and one of the most important secrets of corporate success is their ability to keep books and records professionally, keeping the accounts of a company or project and recording for every movement, statement and information that takes place within it will achieve more advantages than you imagine, you will not be able to monitor your expenses and daily revenues only. Rather, you will be able to analyze and predict the most accurate future events near your company.

Accounting bookkeeping :-

Bookkeeping means the detailed daily recording of the movement of financial transactions, and in a simpler sense it is to record all sales and purchases and any money that has been traded, whether received or paid, and the person responsible for bookkeeping is an internal accountant in the company or an external accounting office Bookkeeping is one of the most important elements of accounting, as every statement within the documentary cycle is relied upon in the issuance of financial reports.

Accounts used for a bookkeeping task :-

. Asset and liability accounts.

. Income and expense accounts.

. Retained earnings accounts and capital account .

Purpose of bookkeeping :-

Bookkeeping has many objectives, including :

. Record all financial transactions related to the project.

. Division, breakdown and classification of financial transactions.

. Record credit balances in special books.

Through the financial statements, the company's financial position can be clarified and the result of its work can be found.

Issuing accurate reports that help management make the best economic decisions.

Bookkeeping and internal organization in the company's accounts is one of the most important sources of attraction for investors and customers, as the investor will of course go to the company that has books organized and prepared by an accountant instead of going to a company that does not adopt the principles of accounting.

, we find that the documentary cycle, which means all books, records and documents owned by the company, is the cornerstone on which the accounting system will be built and the company's accounts will be maintained.

Holding company accounts :-

Keeping a company's accounts by an accredited accounting firm is one of the most important and correct decisions taken by the company's manager, in addition to the accuracy of the financial statements, he will find a partner to help him guide the company towards the steps of success, which is what we pledged to achieve for our partners in the ECPA accounting office.

How to receive company accounts ?

Account keeping varies from company to company depending on several factors such as:

The nature of its business.

Is it new or has existed for a while?

Was she hiring an accountant or not.

What is the time of receipt of the accounts, whether it was at the first, during or at the end of the period.

Is it based on accounting software or books.

Stages of keeping company accounts :-

Assuming that the company had a former accountant and had an organized accounting system, here the following is done:

A specific period for training in the company's tasks and performance.

You must know how the former accountant worked.

If working conditions permit, a quick audit is carried out.

Receive the trial balance from the accountant bearing his signature and the signature of the manager and recorded the date of receipt.

Review year-closing balances such as physical inventory count, asset account, and others.

The previous financial statements are received, matching the balances of the first period, and reviewing the copies of invoices.

Review any balance that is in doubt, especially if the balance value is excessive.

Review any notes from the former accountant.

Make a statement of receipt and receipt of the covenant of the former accountant..

How to set up new company accounts :-

Sometimes the client asks us to keep the accounts of a newly established company of his own, or it may have been established a while ago but he did not rely on an accountant or accounting system before, and here we follow the following steps:

Form an idea of the company's activity, what are the operations carried out, the business sector to which it belongs, and read the memorandum of association.

Perform the physical count of all assets that already exist, including inventory.

The company's chart of accounts is created.

Accounting software is used to help with bookkeeping, record preparation, extraction of financial statements, reports, etc.

Ensure that the account balances are correct.

Preparing the trial balance and its adjustments.

Making a statement of financial position for the beginning of the period.

Bookkeeping in the sense of daily recording of operations.

Determine the internal audit and control system.

In the event that the company has not been dealing with an accountant before, it is taken into account here to prepare a trial balance for the previous period and accordingly the statement of financial position is made after obtaining the approval of the company's managers and their signature that the trial balance is correct.

Bookkeeping service from (ECPA) :-

We aim at our service to help decision makers and investors obtain the most accurate financial reports possible at the most appropriate times on which to base their decisions, the ECPA team is a combination of the most skilled accountants, legal, tax and auditing consultants.

In our work, we rely on the latest strategies, methods and technological means that will make the work more accurate, simpler and faster in time, all under the supervision of the team of the largest accounting firm in Egypt and the Arab world.

What do we offer you in the bookkeeping service ?

Manage invoices for sales.

Record all receipts and expenses in the book.

Record all payments and make the necessary adjustments.

Accounting for monthly salaries and incentives.

Professional inventory management.

Make a record of fixed asset provisions.

Dealing with the electronic invoice system and the electronic tax authority.

Analyze and control costs and manage cash flows carefully.

Prepare various reports periodically or detailed as requested

What reports do we provide to you ?

Profit and loss statements.

Statement of cash flows and balance sheet.

Public account deposit statements.

Reports of bank reconciliations.

Financial analysis reports of the company's performance for a quarterly, semi-annual or annual period.

Submit Board reports.

ECPA's competitive advantages in bookkeeping service :-

The best quotes for the best professional services.

We use the best digital accounting software.

Create a chart of accounts compatible with the nature and size of your business.

We calculate VAT and prepare tax returns.

We enable you to manage your money and control payments from anywhere.

Backups of your financial information.

Complete confidentiality and the highest levels of protection and privacy.

Permanent follow-up from our team and customer service throughout the week.

Reports prepared by the best analysts and financial experts.

ECPA's first team in providing accounting services, we have provided many services to thousands of clients and we still are, and we seek with the bookkeeping service to add good success to the list of our successes and customers.

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