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Attia Hamdy - • Electronic internal control systems

With the expansion of the size of companies, reliance on the latest electronic systems appeared in the performance of operating tasks, Electronic data processing helps project owners to collect and process data as quickly and accurately as possible, Control and operation systems are among the most critical systems that rely on superior technological means to process accounting and financial data. Control and operation systems are essential sub-systems within the accounting system.

The era of development has contributed to providing accurate digital methods that maximize the control system's effectiveness and operational processes. This article discusses control and operating systems and the impact of electronic data operation.

What are the control and operating systems?

The systemgenerally is interconnected parts that adhere to specific criteria to reach a particular result.

These results have been previously specified. Through the control process, the integrity of the procedures can be readily ascertained by comparing the results with the objectives approved before

What is the concept of accounting control?

An accurate planning system that depends on specific measures and procedures to ensure that operations are running in the best way, determining the credibility of financial statements in the company’s books and others.

The Internal Control Department consists of one or more internal auditors appointed by the Board of Directors Audit Committee. The auditor is responsible for the approved plan’s integrity of reports, books and other tasks.

The control process is divided into several main axes, including:

  • Financial control.
  • Control of operations.
  • Accounting control.
  • Administrative control, including organizational control.
  • Systems security control.

Internal control tasks include:

  • Monitoring and evaluating project performance to ensure its effectiveness and success.
  • Ensure that employees comply with the company’s policy and instructions.
  • Enhancing the performance efficiency of workers.
  • Determining the employees’ authority will enhance the spirit of work.
  • Determining the extent of the company’s progress to reach the final goals.
  • Assist in defining and implementing the appropriate audit program for the company.
  • Detecting departments’ deviations and mistakes and providing appropriate reforms.
  • Controlling the company’s resources and ensuring that they are used appropriately.

Despite the diversity of internal control tasks, many internal control problems cannot be overcome.

The control process may be replaced by modern control and operating systems methods.

The lack of cooperation among employees and disregard for the auditor’s authority is considered the biggest internal control problem.

Methods of internal control in electronic accounting information systems

The control and operation systems vary when operating data electronically. The methods of internal control are divided into three main groups:

Methods of internal control of the outputs:

It aims to ensure the integrity of the financial statements, reports and other outputs and that they are delivered to the persons authorized to use them.

Internal control methods while data processing:

It aims to implement the electronic processing of accounting data using specific applications while maintaining the confidentiality and privacy of the data.

Internal control methods of the inputs:

These methods aim to ensure that the correct data is fully delivered before the data is processed without loss or addition. It also includes correcting data or re-entering previously rejected data.

How has technology affected control and operating systems?

Accountants or auditors can no longer complete accounting audits without using the Internet and computers. They provide essential advantages, including:

  • Saving the audit process time.
  • High accuracy in performing audit procedures and tasks.
  • The ability to quickly detect deviations, anomalies, accounting errors and fraud.
  • Enabling the auditor to deal with the best methods of data operation.
  • Preserving documentary evidence from loss.
  • Enabling the auditor to follow up on the latest features of accounting applications.
  • Protect data and provide the highest levels of privacy and security.
  • Helping the management make better decisions.
  • Improving customer relationships due to the electronic communication provided by control and operating systems.
  • Increasing the reputation of the audit office.
  • Perform complex audits more simply and easily.
  • Facilitating managers’ communication with auditors and reviewing their reports.

The role of audit offices in studying control and operating systems

Audit offices play a significant role in maintaining the performance of companies, developing their business and achieving the best profits, including:

  • Providing reports on the credibility of the company’s reports and books and the actual situation of the company.
  • They are considered more reliable than internal auditors, as they do not have any personal connection with employees.
  • Audit offices rely on modern control and operating systems specifically designed to serve the same business sector.
  • Accuracy in the methods of data operation and processing.
  • Continuous development of control systems.
  • Pay attention to each statement within the records.
  • Rapid completion of internal audit assignments.
  • Using advanced methods to analyze data and detect activity risks.

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Frequently asked questions about control and operating systems

What are the most critical reports issued by the control and operating systems provided by the ECPA office?

  • Reports of all procedures, with our notes on these reports.
  • A statement of internal control problems and their defects.
  • Internal control risk assessment and analysis reports.
  • Data analysis reports.
  • A statement of errors and deviations, whether intended or unintended.
  • Reports related to administrative control.

What advantages does the ECPA office offer?

  • All internal audit services with zero error rate.
  • Continuous technical support throughout the week.
  • Capital ERP accounting system with its unique features.
  • Continuous monitoring of control and operating system performance, issuing periodic reports and unannounced visits.
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  • Tax and accounting advice provided by the best experts and consultants in the Arab world.

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