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Establishing an e-marketing company requires several procedures, including conducting a feasibility study ,..., get it in this article

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Establishing an e-marketing company is one of the most dreams and ambitions that many wish to achieve, especially after the development of technology and electronic marketing, thanks to which many marketing and non-marketing companies have been able to expand their activities and increase their profits.

So if you want to turn your dreams into reality and establish an e-marketing company in Egypt but don't know where to start, you must bring your favorite drink and read the steps for creating an e-marketing company.

E-marketing and its importance

E-marketingis one of the modern branches of the science of marketing, which requires reliance on electronic means and technologies to reach the target audience, such as advertising and promotional campaigns and others.

The importance of e-marketing includes:

  • You can promote your products at any time without being restricted to a specific time, which gives you access to a more significant audience.
  • The ability to reach a geographically remote audience.
  • Low cost and expenses for marketing campaigns, compared to traditional marketing methods.
  • Repeat buying process through customer recommendations who have had a great buying experience.

How to Establishing an e-marketing company

The need to establish an e-marketing company in Egypt lies in its importance and the benefits that will accrue to its owners shortly; Therefore, many people want to know the conditions for opening an e-marketing institution, which are represented in 10 essential steps, as follows:

First: Do a feasibility study for Establishing an e-marketing company

The first step for establishing an eMarketing company is to make a comprehensive feasibility study, know the initial costs of the project, how to use all available resources and capabilities, and whether it will make the project successful or not. The feasibility study can be summarized in these points:

  • Determine project objectives.
  • market study.
  • Knowledge of competition factors and competitors' weaknesses.
  • Determine the project's capital, which depends on the project's size, the marketing volume and competition in the market.

If the above factors' results are excellent and promising, proceed immediately to the next step.

Second: Choosing a suitable site for establishing an e-marketing company

After conducting a feasibility study for an e-marketing company, choose a small apartment for your marketing company. In the beginning, you will not need a large number of employees. Try to locate your company in major cities and not in rural areas.

Third: Determine your company's marketing services

One of the essential principles of establishing an e-marketing company is to define its objectives and the services it will provide, which may include the following:

  • Conducting advertising campaigns.
  • Website development.
  • Preparing sites to work according to the principles of SEO.
  • Design and programming.

Fifth, good planning

As much as possible, leave nothing to chance, and prepare for shocks and unexpected consequences. This will only happen with a sound plan to help you achieve your short- and long-term goals.

Sixth: Relying on the ordering system

One of the systems that increase the interaction between your company and the potential customer, for example, if a customer wants to benefit from one of your services, he can press a button that helps him leave a message or select the appropriate payment method for him. Thus, developing other systems and methods for establishing an e-marketing company is possible.

Seven: Continuous learning

Establishing an e-marketing company will not be easy; you must constantly learn and deepen your experience and marketing skills and obtain accredited courses and certificates from Google or other parties.

Eighth: Follow up on social media constantly

You have to be a good follower of what is known as “Trend”, the major event that spreads on social media sites. Follow-up of trends and social media pages often leads to the emergence of new ideas that were not considered.

Ninth: Good handling of employees

You must have leadership skills as the employer; in other words, as Tim Leader of a group of employees, you must treat them with respect and take great care in choosing competent and experienced employees in this field.

Tenth: Renewing the content

Finally, after establishing an e-marketing company, always renew your content, highlight your and your team's achievements, and allocate spaces for them on your social media pages to win more customers .

Procedures for establishing an e-marketing company in Egypt

Before laying the cornerstone of your establishment, you have to meet the conditions for opening an eMarketing company, which is a commercial registry and a tax card, and this can be done through the following:

  1. Tax card extraction.
  2. Go to the Chamber of Commerce of the place of establishment
  3. Prepare the required documents and expenses.
  4. Submit a request to extract a commercial register from the Chamber of Commerce.
  5. Submit a copy of the tax and the national card and documented ownership or rental contract in the real estate registry.
  6. Pay the fees for extracting the commercial registry file.
  7. Go to the registry department to receive the commercial registry.

Frequently asked questions about establishing an e-marketing company in Egypt.

How to reach my clients easily?

Studying your project, its advantages to your target audience, and making well-thought-out advertising campaigns to attract them.

What does the marketing strategy depend on to reach the target audience?

Study competitors, their weaknesses, and the advantages offered by your services.

What are the necessary resources to be available when establishing an e-marketing company?

You will need a website designer, social media account management expert, and SEO specialist; To optimize your site for search engines.

What does it mean to optimize my site for search engines?

SEO means optimizing websites for search engines; some factors must be met for your site to appear on the first page of the Google search engine.

We have reached the end of the steps and procedures for establishing a digital marketing agency in Egypt. Summing up, it can be said that these procedures require defining the goals and possible results from the establishment of the project and meeting all the conditions and documents necessary to obtain licenses to establish a digital marketing agency in Egypt.

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