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Everything you need to know about external auditor’s worksheets In previous articles, we talked about the importance of auditing and

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Everything you need to know about external auditor's worksheets

In previous articles, we talked about the importance of auditing and how an external auditor can achieve the quality of an external audit. One of the most important things that enable the auditor to achieve efficiency and quality is to infer the validity of cash and balances mentioned in the financial statements with papers and documents that they support, which is called external auditor worksheets.

These are the same conditions set by the Identification Standard 2310, which means that the auditor mentions the same information in his reports. Therefore, it is the same information to be documented, and this information is mentioned through papers or so-called external auditor worksheets

.He also specified that the person responsible for developing and organizing the policies of audit worksheets is the Executive Director, while those responsible for preparing these papers are the auditors

auditing the audit worksheets and ensuring the integrity of the data belongs to the supervising officer

External auditor's worksheets

The external auditor's working documents are considered one of the essential pieces of evidence to support his opinion written in his final external audit report. International Accounting and Auditing Standards have confirmed this. According to Standard No. 2330 on documentation of information, which stressed that the external auditor must be required to provide documentation of his information to support the findings, recommendations, and conclusions of the audit function, provided that such information has the following characteristics





What are the contents of the external auditor's worksheets

External audit worksheets vary depending on several factors, including areMission - Mission goals - Company needed worksheets.

In general, documents include everything related to the audit function from the beginning to the end, such as planning papers, evaluation papers on the efficiency of control tools, papers related to policies and procedures, papers on proposed findings and recommendations, and final papers related to follow-up and control

Working papers may include forms, drawings, charts, and forms. This can be summarized as working papers cover everything related to the task (objectives - facts - conclusions), including:

A copy of the balance matches the previous year’s financial statements

A copy of the balance matching balances with the current year's audit balance

Objectives of the audit mission.

Procedures that have been followed to achieve the goals set

Audit details for each audit item

Evidence that the auditor has accessed and based on his final report

Observations and conclusions reached by the external auditor

Well-thought-out recommendations to eliminate deficiencies.

What qualities should be available in external auditor worksheets

Bookmarks: this means the establishment of references indicating documented sources of said information so that all said data become linked to its sources

The supervisor signs each reference worksheet

Each paper should contain a title, date, and task performed at the time

Organize the format of files

How does an external auditor organize his worksheets?

Worksheets are often split into two files, either a permanent file or a current file for audit

Permanent file

It contains all worksheets that do not change as time changes within the department to audit, such as policy methods and procedures.

Current file

It includes all task papers that change by changing management in place of the task.

External auditor rights when placing worksheets:

Access to working papers is only available to external auditors working on the task. To allow others to view them, top management must obtain permission.

Right to develop policies: The policy development function is assigned to the Executive Director for an external audit, and the supervisor supervises the implementation of policies.

The right to observe the standards of regulatory and supervisory bodies

In the case of consulting assignments, there must be supervision of the tasks to achieve efficiency, quality, and team development

Auditing steps

Audit steps vary depending on the accounting program that the external auditor chooses to apply. However, in general, the steps are as follows

Recognizing the nature of the company’s business, whether its legal entity, type of business, accounting system, and organizational structure of the company, and in light of what the auditor understands determines whether he accepts the task of auditing this company or rejecting it.

Fully understand the components of the customer’s internal control system, whether they are fully implemented, whether the client’s internal control systems, accounts, and departments accept external audits, or there are difficulties facing the external auditor.

Inform external references about control and control systems in such a way as to determine the reliability of the data and information mentioned in the books and calculate the degree of risk accurately

Conduct audit tests that enable the auditor to determine the appropriate time to conduct an audit, the time required to carry out audit work, external auditor worksheets, and the necessary sample size

Conducting an external audit process, which includes

audit the initial balance and match it with the natural balance

Audit balance for the financial period

Ensure that registered account balances are correct

Choose a random sample and match it with the journal

Check invoice prices and product price lists

Evaluate the outcome of the audit work and determine the conclusions drawn from the audit to determine the rule on which it will rely when developing its final opinion on the final financial and accounting statements

Preparing the final external audit report in which the auditor gives an opinion on the fairness and validity of the accounting statements, the list of financial position and budget, as well as the result of the work performed by the company during the financial period and the extent to which the company has succeeded in reaching its objectives

Internal Auditor Tasks

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Provide appropriate feedback and recommendations to manage financial risks and expected costs

Communicate with audit committees and departmental staff to exchange experiences and ascertain information

Prepare appropriate plans with the company’s objectives.

Evaluate the company’s actual performance during previous financial periods objectively and fairly

Collect as much financial information about the company

Cooperate with auditors and accountants within the company and work in a team spirit to achieve its objectives and raise its profits

Assure members of the Board of Directors that accounting standards and international laws carry out the company’s operations in force within the country

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