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At the moment, every company owner needs to register any financial event and information that his company is going through

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At the moment, every company owner needs to register any financial event and information that his company is going through, especially if he has investors or contributing partners with him. Therefore, he has to work on developing a system that accurately shows the company’s property and business itinerary and processing it to obtain accounting information or building an integrated accounting system.

Accounting work depends on accounting documents and documents. Hence, the documentary cycle plays a vital role in the accounting cycle. Still, when building an integrated accounting system, you should pay attention that the accounting cycle is different from the documentary cycle. For example, the accounting cycle relates to the duties of an accountant within the company, while the cycle The documentary relates to the papers and records used by the accountant.

We can learn about the difference by reading the following article

Accounting cycle

The accounting cycle relates to the work and functions of the accountant within the company and includes

Journal restrictions are posted daily to the American Journal, which has the task of collecting all annual balances of different customers, accounts, banks, and others.

Daily posting of the assistant ledger is a detailed statement for each account.

We are preparing the trial balance with the totals and balances of the Assistant Ledger and American Journal accounts.

Preparing financial statements, closing restrictions, and opening restrictions. This task shall be attributed to the financial director or head of accounts.

Building an integrated accounting system

In a previous article, we said that building an integrated accounting system is based on three main processes

Registration of all property and assets owned by the company and all liabilities of the company

It is creating an accounting guide means accounting for all company accounts and recording all transactions. A comprehensive inventory is made, and all that has been reached is recorded.

The final step is to create the documentary cycle, which means collecting all the company’s financial information, recording it in documents, and archiving and storing the previous information

Chart of accounts

One of the most critical stages when building an integrated accounting system is the chart of accounts or account directory. It means recording all accounts related to the company’s business, such as accounts of assets, liabilities, equity, and income expenses. Then, each account is divided into sub-accounts, and each sub-account includes sub-accounts and so on

The design of the chart of account varies depending on the nature of the tree’s work and the size of its business. For example, the asset account includes non-current and current assets accounts. The liability account is divided into long-term and current liabilities, and the current assets account is divided into the customer account. Cash account Inventory is divided into other accounts, such as the customer account, which is divided into external customer accounts, wholesale and retail customers. Each customer has a unique account and so on

What is a documentary cycle?

The path of documents within the company, from the beginning of writing accounting information and making restrictions, means accounting, financial statements, and various accounts such as the professor’s account, the audit balance, and the list of cash flows. The documentary cycle also includes ensuring accuracy when writing any statement and the validity of the posting and error-free

Are there goals for the documentary cycle when building an integrated accounting system?

The documentary cycle aims to control all the company’s funds and property.

It also monitors all administrative matters in it.

Its main task is to collect, record and summarize all data in reports submitted to management

According to current data, records, documents, and reports help management make appropriate financial and administrative decisions

It is considered a means of communication between different departments within the company

A key partner in setting the company’s annual goals

The main objective of the documentary cycle is to grow the company and raise its market value

Detect errors and immediately correct them

What are the documentary cycle forms

The well-known documentary cycle forms are divided into several types, and each type falls under subtypes. The documentary cycles used within the company vary according to the size and requirements of each company, but three main types are not without documentary cycle forms, namely

Purchasing documentary cycle

It means all documents related to the company's purchases, whether goods, manufacturing materials, machinery, furniture, stationery, etc. It also includes purchase orders, copies of invoices, and all emergency purchases that are not planned to be purchased and registered immediately

Warehouse documentary cycle

It means all documents about goods held within the company's stores, including documents of their purchase, sale, import, export, disbursement, etc

Sales documentary cycle

All sales documents carried out by the company during the fiscal year, including goods and services provided, purchase orders received, quotations, lists of goods ordered in the market, customers' opinions, and others Other types include the documentary cycle of the fund and cash, the expense documentary cycle, the revenue documentary cycle, and others

Is there a difference between the traditional documentary cycle and the current documentary cycle in an integrated accounting system

There are several differences between them, such as :

Edit after printing

In the tradition was considered impossible except by in the traditional system reprinting again. In the modern system, you can edit easily.

Print the document

In the traditional cycle, all the company and the customer data recorded were printed. In the modern system, you can show only the information related to the transaction

Responsible for registration

in the traditional system, registration required several people to register, review and approve. In the modern system, one person is charged for the task and can be modified and replaced according to the director's desire Many differences have led business owners to use the modern documentary cycle, which mainly contributes to building an integrated accounting system

Data recording

The writing was done manually, reviewed, and approved in the traditional system. In an integrated and modern accounting system, it is written directly on the computer screen and sent for approval, and then printed directly

Designing an integrated accounting system

The design of the accounting system differs from one company to another. Small companies and projects do not need this integrated accounting system in the literal sense based on creating an income statement, financial statements, budget, etc... Still, they will often need only one chartered accountant to prepare invoices, inventory the store, account for cash, tax, and other simple operations.

As for large companies that need real work, accounts and lists have complete financial management and a team of accountants for each specialty. Therefore, creating and designing an accounting system for them is somewhat complicated. In general, any accounting program depends on four main axes from which an opening balance can be drawn To review and then establish an integrated accounting system, namely


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