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The electronic invoice is a way for businesses to issue invoices to clients that meet the tax authority's requirements.

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Egypt is one of the first countries in the Middle East to take advantage of electronic and digital development. All transactions between citizens and government agencies, including thetax authority, are done using the internet, Infact, the Tax Authority confirmed in its latest laws that the transaction will only be via the electronic invoice.

Companies can deal with electronic tax invoices without depending on an accounting company; however, this can be a significant risk if they cannot register correctly since registration within the system is mandatory. Otherwise, these companies will be punished with a heavy fine.

InECPA, we seek to provide all means of comfort and take responsibility for our clients. Thus, we offer the best electronic invoice program in Egypt and the Arab World that will ease designing and preparing your invoices quickly and accurately according to the Egyptian tax regulations.

The electronic invoice program: The future of accounting in Egypt

Dealing with digital transformation will need to keep your business under a professional electronic program’s supervision to master designing invoices according to the Egyptian regulations of the tax authority. Additionally, it allows quick issuance and revision of the clients’ invoices and preparing electronic tax returns.

The electronic invoice is a technical electronic program that allows you to create, design and issue clients’ invoices from any place over the internet. The program organizes work with the tax authority, sends tax invoices, and provides multiple advantages in controlling the invoices.

Benefits of electronic billing to companies

  • Exchanging data of the trader electronically quickly and easily.
  • Avoiding loss or damage of records and logbooks.
  • The electronic tax invoice eases tax audits.
  • Reducing time, effort, and money needed in writing and keeping paper records.
  • The country’s censorship takes place, so it kills any illegal economic operations.

Electronic billing presents more advantages over the traditional system, including:

  • Giving each invoice a unique ID number.
  • Possibility of integration with other accounting programs.
  • Possibility of unique electronic signature.
  • Preparing unified invoices.
  • The ability to design, modify, and print the invoices.
  • Preparing an electronic file with the trader’s name.
  • Coding every item or service offered by the taskmaster.

The electronic invoice from the ECPA company

ECPAcompany is unique in providing the best electronic invoice program to serve your company. Among its features:

  • Minimizing the time and effort paid in preparing and archiving paper-based invoices.
  • Reducing costs and burdens businessmen hold while inspecting and presenting electronic tax audits.
  • Facilitation of audit process to any tax accountant.
  • Improving the relationship between the supplier and the entity.

Registration in the electronic invoice program through simple steps

  • Electronic signature:the financier must head to the tax authority or a related entity to get an electronic signature. This means your imprint via the internet proves your identity.
  • Registration in the system:enter the electronic invoice program of the entity and register as a financier through the Egyptian tax authority website.
  • Coding
  • Contact us:to design and activate your program.
  • Invoice registration:after receiving your program, you can easily register invoices, choose their design, and send them instantly to the
  • If you face any problems, contact us and get free consultations from the

Features of electronic invoice program from capital ERP

  • Cloud program with a simple and easy-to-use interface.
  • A flexible program that suits any activity.
  • A comprehensive control panel includes invoices, discount notifications, and additions.
  • Multiple models of tax invoices in Egypt to choose from.
  • Ability to save an unlimited number of invoices and to add elements of the paper-based tax invoices.
  • Auto-calculation of taxes.
  • Clients’ database allows adding their basic information such as name, phone, email, method of payment etc.
  • Sharing invoices with the clients through phone or email from the database.
  • The user can modify, resend, unsend, or permanently delete his invoice.
  • Linking and integrating with other accounting programs and importing data from them in different formulas.
  • The program issues the invoices in the form decided by the tax authority.
  • Working with different types of printers and devices.
  • Multi-language and multi-currency program.
  • Instant sync of all processes is better than paper recording.
  • The program gives warning messages in case of errors in data entry, such as wrong file ID.
  • Sending notifications in case of modifying any invoice.
  • Variable quotas are available to ease transactions and decrease expenses.
  • Our technical support is available 24/7 for expert legal and financial consultations.

FAQs about the electronic invoice module:

What is an electronic invoice?

An electronic document is used to prove selling of a merchant or company. It’s unified and holds a special and unique digital signature to guarantee safety and avoid fraud.

Is the internet essential to work on the program?

Yes. You must be online to issue, save, and send electronic invoices.

What are the necessary conditions when choosing an electronic invoices program?

  • Smoothness: It must have simple and easy programming.
  • Comprehension and flexibility: The program should accept connecting and integrating external devices and programs.
  • Privacy: To be safe and protected.
  • Global billing: Ability to create a unified international ID for the invoice.
  • Linking: to allow linking with the Egyptian tax authority website.

What are the conditions of the tax invoice?

The tax invoice must contain:

  • The name of the supplier, either a merchant or a company.
  • “Simplified tax invoice” address.
  • Name of the sold item or service.
  • Tax number of added-value tax.
  • Date and time of invoice issuance.
  • VAT.• The net value of the invoice.
  • Electronic signature of the financier to prove his property of the invoice.

Does the program change the design of the company’s invoice?

No. the used invoice stays constant, but the program provides the data presented by the tax authority, sends it to the electronic invoice system, and transfers data via API from the billing document.

Can the electronic tax invoice be sent anytime?

No. the financier must send it within seven days of its issuance; otherwise, it won’t be accepted. That’s why the program sends them instantly if connected to the system.

Dealing with the electronic invoice isn’t hard as long as you deal with expert accountants and the best accounting consultation office in Egypt and the Arab World… The Egyptian Certified Public Accountants Company… We aim to satisfy the client, ease all transactions, and achieve the highest profit and most negligible expenses.

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