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The best HMS hospital management system integrated with financial, payroll, etc.. which the most prominent Egyptian and Arab hospitals use to organize their work.

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Perfect hospital management requires good planning with an accurate following of the steps of building a well-known hospital management program, which has helped medical centers achieve excellence and uniqueness in the medical field

Perhaps the most crucial step is to use an integrated program to manage all departments and the operations inside the hospital, whether administrative, financial, medical or others.

ECPAoffice offers the best complete hospital management program used by the most prominent Egyptian and Arab hospitals. It has already executed excellent results in saving money, time and effort and achieving the best quality and patient safety standards. It also increased productivity, income, and profitability for the entire hospital.

The medical module replaces all hospital paperwork with cutting-edge digital and technological tools. It analyses hospital management systems further to improve a hospitals or healthcare centers efficiency .

Integrated HMS Hospital Management System for Better Healthcare

The hospital management program is based on a comprehensive and integrated accounting system explicitly created to manage all operations inside the hospital regardless of your specialty.

This system allows monitoring operations within the radiology departments, warehouses, laboratories etc.

It also monitors patients' movements, personal information, services and treatments provided to them; the program's primary goal is to regulate the work activity within the hospital, contributing to the speed and efficiency of the services offered to the patient.

Benefits of Using Integrated Hospital Management program

  • Receiving and sending data about the patients, doctors, staff, medical reports, bills etc.
  • Improve the quality of the hospital and insurance companies’ ranking.
  • Tracking continuous improvement of the level of service provided to patients.
  • It helps to increase profitability and revenue and reduce expenses simultaneously.
  • Providing short reports and work performance indicators, which helps improve productivity and deliver services in the best possible way.
  • It has a vast database that helps the doctor to quickly access any chronic disease or operations performed on his patient before and all medications allowed or banned for the patient. Thus, the program dramatically helps maintain quality and safety standards for patients.
  • The program also supports decision-making processes, whether doctors’ decisions regarding patients or decisions of the company manager and department officials.
  • The program maintains data security and confidentiality, where written data is exposed to damage and loss. At the same time, digital data for years has been preserved and can only be displayed to the hospital manager or the person in charge of managing the program.
  • Technology pathways, view tasks and manage operations from anywhere, using a smart device and internet.

ECPA Medical Module: Hospital Management Program

We developed an integrated hospital management system with many advantages, making it the first choice for many programs of hospitals and medical care institutions in Egypt and the Arab world. Some of the features include:

  • The program provides a massive database of everyone in the hospital, tracking every patient’s data since hospitalization, including diagnosis, medical condition, medications administered, doctor’s name, operations performed, treatment costs, and reimbursements.
  • It also records the doctors’ data, specialties, and working hours.
  • Through the program allows booking and determining the number of rooms and beds available.
  • The program provides patient admission tickets and status reports.
  • The program has massive data with names of all kinds of drugs and medical supplies available. It also enables large hospitals to open warehouses for each class or department.
  • It allows medical and patient files to be managed and modified.
  • It allows account management of each hospital department so that each department’s expenses and revenue and total profit calculation of the hospital and each separate department are calculated.

What are the advantages of ECPA's hospital management program?

  • Easy interface lets you track today’s patients, existing doctors and workers’ appointments. You can also Know previous or next day’s meetings.
  • The program is flexible; you can adjust it to suit the specialty of the hospital.
  • The program has the highest level of privacy, security and SSL certification for data security and protection.
  • You can add an infinite number of patients, have secret access to their data, and easily modify or recover previous data.
  • Continuous and uncomplicated communication with patients via emails, instant SMS or social media platforms. The program can be customized to send medication appointment notifications, remind patients of diagnosis dates, check their safety, or confirm the booking.
  • The app can quickly print patient reports, medical scripts and tickets with the addition of the hospital’s name logo.
  • Continuous development and upgrading of the software in line with the latest global software and tools possibilities.
  • The program provides ongoing technical support, a client relations management system and ongoing training of program bearers.
  • Customize the permissions for the highest level of privacy.
  • The program allows a panel to view business stats daily, weekly, monthly or yearly and can be customizable.
  • The program ensures that the departments work according to the standards and foundations set by the Egyptian Ministry of Health, WHO and hospital quality policies.
  • The program helps you increase trust and reassurance by patients, where they can easily monitor services provided and give their feedback.
  • The module supports multiple languages and currencies.
  • It allows reports to be published in multiple formats such as Excel, Word and PDF.
  • Every user’s registration data is protected with a private name and password.
  • It is compatible with many computers and mobile phones.

Reports Provided by ECPA Hospital Management System

  • Report on hospital doctors and employees, their accounts, qualifications, salary and the patients they supervise.
  • Report on patient data and receipts spent.
  • Reports on existing and unavailable specialties.
  • Statement of receipts issued, used, and unused.
  • Reports on the results of each individual and combined departments, such as a report on the prices of radiation and the total amount collected from them, a report on the actual costs of the analyses performed and the amounts received and unpaid.
  • Report on operations that have been done or are required to be implemented.
  • Statement of the prices of each room and the calculations of the amounts collected from the accommodation.
  • Final reports on hospital account and profit within any time specified by the user.
  • Customized reports such as Home Services and Reception reports.
  • Statement of the types of medical supplies and medications available in the hospital.
  • Daily reports on treasury and amounts received.

FQA about the medical module

Does the program need practice?

No, the program has a simple interface and only needs the basics of handling screens. Still, if the basics are unavailable, our technical support is available around the clock to train users; we also provide videos to explain the program. We provide online training sessions.

Can I adjust the program for a small hospital or clinic?

Sure. You can easily adjust, delete, or add items on the interface.

How to choose a suitable medical module?

There are essential criteria you should follow while choosing the medical module to manage your hospital, including:

  • Make sure that the highest privacy, security, and protection rates are available.
  • Choosing an easy-to-use and uncomplicated software.
  • Select a flexible and adjustable program to fit your hospital's and needs.
  • The selected software should have high data capacity and large storage space.
  • It is essential that the program be available without the internet so that it does not cause any errors when registering data.
  • It is also essential that the software has ongoing technical support and constant updates in line with the latest technological tools.
  • The Medical Module provides all these criteria le from the ECPA office.

Does the hospital management system need other programs?

No, our medical module is a set of systems combined into one program:

  • Customer relationship management.
  • A system for sending notifications.
  • major program for hospital management.
  • Calculations and account charts for everyone related to the hospital.
  • A system to back up the resolutions.
  • Quality Management System in Hospitals.

Vast experience and professionalism are in your hands with the hospital management system fromECPA, the leading partner for the success of many Egyptian and Arab hospitals and centers.

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