How do you establish a sole corporation with 1000 EGP?

Take advantage to reduce the fees of the one-person company and establish a sole corporation with 1000 EGP fee

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The Sole corporation in Egyptian Law

Since 2018, theEgyptian governmenthas recently added a new form of money company; a limited liability company called a sole corporation.

A sole corporation is a company established by one person whose name is derived from his name.

The founder can be a person or a legal entity such as companies, and the founder cannot establish another sole corporation. Still, he can participate in companies of another type.

The founder may be an Egyptian or a foreigner, as long as the type of activity is general and not intended for Egyptians.

The capital of a sole corporation was a minimum of 50 thousand, but it has been modified these days to only one thousand pounds.

Steps for establishing a sole corporation

  • Determine the activity of the company that you decided to establish.
  • Choose a distinctive trade name that has not been used before, in addition to the company’s logo.
  • Determine the company’s available capital for investment.
  • Submit the registration application with all the required papers and certificates related to the activity.
  • Fill out your company incorporation form, in which the following are specified:
  • Company Address.
  • Company name and logo.
  • The company’s capital.
  • Type of activity.
  • Members of the company’s board of directors or managers.
  • The name and details of the private legal advisor.
  • Pay the sole corporation fee.
  • Complete the procedures, review the papers, and approve the activity.

Documents required to issue a contract of incorporation for a sole corporation

To establish a sole corporation you need:

  • A certificate proving that the trade name is not similar to another.
  • A certificate of deposit for the company’s capital specified in the form.
  • If there is an agent, a copy of the official power of attorney for incorporation.
  • A copy of the valid identity card or the passport.
  • A security inquiry form and the approval of the security authorities in case the founder is a foreigner.
  • Auditor’s document.

The fee for a sole corporation includes:

  • Contract documentation fees.
  • Certification fees from the lawyers’ syndicate.
  • Commercial registration fee.
  • Business practice fee.
  • Trade union fees.
  • Incorporation fees.
  • Special fees for issuing true copies of the articles of incorporation.
  • Fee for issuing a certificate of non-consistency in the trade name.

Advantages and disadvantages of a sole corporation

Sole corporations have many advantages and disadvantages simultaneously; you should read them carefully before deciding to start establishing them.


  • The sole corporation is the founder's permanent property, making it easier for him to increase or decrease the invested capital.
  • Banks trust the company to grant loans.
  • Independence from the founder, where the company's capital is entirely separate from the money of its founder.
  • A separate commercial and legal identity expresses the company itself, not its founder.
  • The possibility of trading shares and converting the sole corporation to another type.
  • The possibility of reducing the taxes of a sole corporation by adding bonuses, rents, etc., to the deductible expenses.
  • The rapid control of the company and the speed of decision-making.
  • It has the advantage of dealing with major companies and international companies.


  • A sole corporation burdens the founder compared to private limited companies.
  • It is impossible to conduct business without the director's signature.
  • The Tax Authority deals with the sole corporation the same as the private companies' law, and the founder is obligated to it alone, which makes the sole corporation tax large.
  • Many prohibitions that the founder cannot do, such as:
  • loaning with tradable securities.
  • public subscription of the company.
  • Division of the company into tradable shares.
  • Performing banking, insurance, saving and other activities.
  • Establishing another one-person company.

Company incorporation services provided by ECPA

A strong start will ensure a strong continuation. The correct beginning of your company while ensuring its rapid growth will only be achieved in cooperation with a distinguished accounting company with significant experience in this field, such as the “Egyptian Certified Public Accountants” company, the largest accounting office in Egypt and the Middle East.

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  • Establishing various types of commercial and industrial companies.
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  • Determining the appropriate capital value for practising the activity.
  • Representing your company in front of government and official agencies such as the Egyptian Tax Authority and the Investment Authority.
  • Opening a bank account for the company.
  • Administrative support from a specialized work team.
  • Preparing feasibility studies for various activities and sectors.
  • Establishing the company legally while avoiding falling under the law.
  • Preparing the documentary, accounting and financial cycle compatible with your company.
  • Work following Egyptian and international accounting and tax laws.
  • Finishing all the procedures necessary to establish the company and obtaining all the legal certificates and licenses to start practising the activity.
  • Opening a tax and insurance file for the company and preparing the commercial registry.
  • Electronic registration of the company within the sales tax system.
  • Preparing records of exporters, importers and cards for contractors.
  • Enabling non-Egyptian founders to obtain work and residence permits.
  • Make periodic reviews of the company’s accounts.
  • Rapid detection of any defect within the accounts through advanced accounting programs.
  • Make many monthly and periodic reports on all types of company revenues and expenses.
  • Preparing the budget and the company’s final accounts.
  • Analyze workflow and make reports to discover and analyse strengths and weaknesses.
  • Seven days a week, technical support around the clock to receive your inquiries and provide all legal and accounting advice.

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