Manufacturing Module Factory management software(ECPA) :-

Capital ERP Factory management software allows you to manage all accounting and costs at every stage of work within your factory.

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Managing a factory is not easy, but it requires experience, knowledge, and effort to make sure you’re running your business successfully, As we always strive to provide everything that facilitates your business with the best performance, we provide Capital ERP factory management software, the real partner for success.

Factory management software allows you to manage all accounting transactions and calculate all costs at every stage of work within your factory.

It is also good at calculating all your expenses and revenues that suit your product to show the best way to follow the international technical specifications of the product, helping you, in the end, to reach an appropriate net profit from the product you offer.

Factory management software : How to Maximize Efficiency :-

It monitors manufacturing processes to prepare all reports and accounts for them.

It is an accounting program for factories that allows you to accurately calculate each product’s cost and its price at each stage separately.

It provides precise planning of the manufacturing process, scheduling production and managing production orders

The factory management software helps reduce the total costs of manufacturing as much as possible.

The damaged amount of your products can be identified and accounted for.

It records all details of raw materials, including cost.

It provides adequate control of production processes such as automatic reservation of raw materials and pricing of items.

It monitors production quality and detects errors immediately.

It is used to process customer and supplier registration for the factory. The data is recorded on a spreadsheet, and the dates of receipt are also listed.

It provides complete control of stocks in stores for products and material

Factory management software : Related Documents You Need to Know :-

  • Bill of material
  • production hall.
  • indirect cost allocation.
  • production stages.
  • Request production orders
  • Production orders.
  • Raw material issue.
  • excute production order.
  • issue indirect expense allocation.
  • semi finished goods and finished goods receipt.
  • Manufacturing reports include the amount of goods withdrawn from raw material stores.
  • Reports related to industrial processes that still need to be done and the industrial processes that have not been completed.

Why Capital ERP is a Must-Have for Your Business?

Capital ERP from the accounting ECPA office offers an integrated system of more than one module. Over the past years, Capital ERP has gained the confidence of many factory leaders in Egypt and worldwide as it can quickly access accurate data throughout a manufacturing process. It also offers you many benefits such as:

  • A software to calculate the costs accurately and quickly; it also helps you compare your actual price with the standard of production processes.
  • It enables you to analyse any cost deviations that occur following standard cost systems designed by management.
  • Flexible scheduling and planning to meet customer needs. Planning is done by looking at the customers' previous sales orders or based on production capabilities specified in contracts, whichever are required.
  • A program of accounts and stores to manage sudden or rapid sub-production processes and calculate the costs and revenues without errors.
  • Monitoring the extent to which orders are executed. Notifications are made when orders are completed or not completed
  • Careful planning of production requirements, including raw materials, operating tools, and each production stage.
  • The factory management software offers you the best-integrated accounting software based on the chart of accounts for each product and coding all data related to each product, customer and supplier.
  • The program is based on artificial intelligence, which issues warning notices when an error occurs or is expected to occur. For example, it will send alerts from the warehouse management program when inventory is about to expire.
  • The sales management program enables you to receive orders for new customers and plan potential production processes.
  • This program can calculate the salaries and profits of factory delegates and distributors. It also allows monitoring their movements, transactions, and the speed of switching
  • The HRM program will help you manage your employees' data and salaries. It also supports linking with the electronic fingerprint system and knowing when employees attended or left.
  • The Human Resources Management Program allows you to record bonuses, permissions and advances. It also calculates the actual working hours of each worker and their salaries.
  • Issuing lists and reports that serve many departments such as accounts, human resources and others.
  • The General Ledger Module includes managing the bank accounts of the factory and preparing journals, ledgers, result lists and financial positions.
  • The ERP factory management software is designed according to design standards to match different sizes of screens and smartphones.
  • Complete confidentiality of all your data. The factory management software provides specific levels of data access so that an employee cannot access data other than what you have specified in their scope of work.
  • ECPA provides a large team of legal professionals with all the accounting and legal services you need. The team provides internal auditing services, external auditing services, tax advice, legal advice and consultations at any time.
  • We provide accounting programs with several packages to choose from according to your use. You can also upgrade to any higher package easily and at any time while keeping all your data complete. Our prices are affordable for everyone. Do not hesitate to contact us.

FAQs about Factory management software: answered!

What are the components of the factory management software?

The program consists of several separate screens arranged according to the production stages of your factory, namely:

Sub-production process screen :

It includes semi-finished products and calculating their direct and indirect costs, with the possibility of adding standard operating hours to a single product and comparing them with actual hours.

Production Process screen :

Finished products are recorded during a single production process. This screen can link the sub-and main production stages and determine the completion rates of each phase. It also allows the addition of independent production processes.

Production Order screen :

It's in charge of identifying products and production processes and raw material stores. It also calculates the amount of goods produced, comparing how much is removed from the storerooms and inserted into each product.

production order screen: Direct selling :

This screen concerns the production processes sold immediately without entering the stores. The customer's name is determined, the product price is calculated, discounts and taxes are calculated, and the final product's price is determined. Daily restrictions are also made in the ledger account.

Adjustment screen :

It relates to making various adjustments such as settling the quantities withdrawn from raw materials, determining the extent of deficit in stores and others.

Can the program deal with tax systems?

Of course, based on your business-specific needs and preferences, we can customise the software to fit any industry. Our programs integrate with most ERP systems and can handle differently categorised tax laws.

Does the program support the English language?

Yes, the program is designed in English and Arabic and can easily be converted from one language to another.

Does the Factory management software support dealing with different currencies?

Yes, the program deals with different currencies and automates the exchange rate by connecting to the Internet and integrating with a global network of currency exchanges.

Can I settle my bank account through the program?

Of course, you can and with any amount owed or credited.

Production costs screen :-

It is a complete accounting program where direct and indirect costs are calculated and compared with standard charges. It is also possible to establish a distribution basis for each separate element and link these accounts with the chart of accounts in the general ledger account.

Examples of these costs include:

  • The salaries of production engineers.
  • Salaries of quality engineers.
  • Workers’ salaries.
  • The materials.
  • Indirect wages.
  • Transportation.

What reports can a factory management software issue?

  • Reports of the number of final products.
  • Reports on materials.
  • Reports that determine the standard deviation of production processes.
  • Reports on the available amounts of raw materials and the amounts of the complete production.
  • Reports that determine the standard deviation of production orders.
  • Reports of incomplete production orders.

What programs does the manufacturing module include?

Capital ERP system offers the best accounting software that can work in sync with some of our other programs, such as:

  • General ledger system.
  • Warehouse management program.
  • Chart of accounts
  • Sales management program.
  • HRM Program.

Modern technological tools have facilitated many tasks. Today, you can remotely monitor and manage your factory from anywhere globally through the ERP factory management software provided by ECPA, the best accounting company in Egypt. Contact us now and have a guaranteed success experience.

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