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Many professionals, including accountants, lawyers, and architects, seek the best and easiest ways to manage their projects professionally and smoothly. Additionally, they seek to increase their profits and customers, manage their accounts, and decrease their expenditure, which is what the project management program fromECPAprovides.

With the world’s digital transformation, project management is no longer as complex as it used to be. Now, you can manage different projects and perform various operations and activities from any place with electronic devices and an internet connection.

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What is the project management program?

Project managementincludes organizing, planning, and directing a specific project’s possible human, financial, or both resources. Moreover, it includes tracking what has been done to ensure the achievement of the plan.

So, the project management program is an accurate digital accounting program that works online to track the performance and continuity of the project. It has several programs to manage the work, daily tasks, resources, invoices, and more.

Importance of the project management program

  • It gives a clear overview of your company’s projects, professional activities, and work continuity.
  • It is a supervision tool to evaluate the project and the performance and productivity of each employee.
  • It provides fast communication with your employees. You can select an employee for a task and enter the task in detail, then check the employee’s performance and the customer’s feedback, which will save you much time.
  • It evaluates the project, its success in achieving targets and estimated profits.
  • The program confines each project’s net expenses and spending aspects, which helps direct and decrease expenditure.
  • The program provides charts and graphs to follow the progress in performance, which helps find the errors and deviations quickly and fix them.
  • Arranging task execution, so the project manager can select the urgent tasks and track their implementation.
  • Decreasing pressure and improving relationships between the project manager and employees and between the project and customers.
  • Keeping the employees’ data, working hours, hourly rates, and the project’s expenses.
  • Improving the employees’ performance and making the best use of the human resources through identifying and rewarding the efficient employees and identifying and supporting the lazy ones.
  • Contributing to creating planning balances and an expected income list before the project begins.

The project management program depends on documents that include:

  • Project and ownership documents
  • Task data and bonds documents and approval proofs
  • Comprehensive project execution plan
  • Expenditure essential settlements’ report
  • Task execution proofs
  • Project revenue invoices

Sections served by the project management program

This program is designed to serve different sections and professions, including:

  • Lawyers’ offices
  • Rental offices
  • Accounting and revision offices
  • Engineering investment and construction companies
  • Retail stores and projects
  • Technical and electronic institutes
  • Different service sections

The project and profession management program from ECPA

The “Egyptian Certified Public Accountants” company is a pioneer supervising the production of the best project and profession management program. This program will allow you to manage all small, medium, and large projects professionally and technically.

Advantages of the project management program from capital ERP

  • A comprehensive database of customers, employees, and suppliers, including (the name, address, email, phone number, purchase orders, invoices, wages, and more).
  • The ability to add an endless number of customers, employees, or tasks.
  • The ability to analyze sales and compare them to the cost centers.
  • The program records all invoices, restrictions, modifications, approvals, receipts, and deletions that can be undone. It also records the user who made the process, the date, and the time of the process.
  • It allows you to know the sales rate of each employee and representative and links them to the salary program.
  • The ability to design professional invoices with the project’s logo, customer data, conditions, and more to meet the new electronic invoice.
  • Sending invoices to customers via email, your project’s price offers, and promotional ads.
  • It notifies you of meetings and appointments with customers. It also informs the customers of the invoice collection approach.
  • Sending purchase orders to the suppliers in the database makes the purchase process more accessible.
  • The program records the most recent activities, the client’s name, and the user.
  • Printing the invoices and purchase orders easily.
  • The program supports payment methods such as cash, bank account, or other. The user can add separate bank accounts as well.
  • The ability to divide invoice collection into instalments and record each instalment and its date.
  • The program is flexible; you can modify it to suit your activity, business size, and type. You can also add new appointments and revision lists.
  • The program is one of the capital programs provided through our company. So, it integrates with the rest of our programs, such as the wages, general ledger, and financial services programs.
  • You can link the program with your POS and synchronize purchases instantly.
  • It provides high security and safety.
  • You can define the permissions within the program and be sure that no inaccessible pages will be displayed.
  • Professional technical support that’s available 24/7 to answer you.

The project management program from ECPA is unique to the following:

  • Linking each employee’s salary to the salary module’s data with the date and time.
  • Linking the project management and salary modules while mentioning the employees’ hourly rates.
  • The user can determine the total cost of the task and divide it into the project phases.
  • Analyzing the performance rates, highlighting any deviations, and suggesting corrections.
  • The ability to import data from other programs in different forms.

Permissions given by the project management program from ECPA:

  • User’s permission to prepare the project plan.
  • Permission to register and distribute tasks to employees.
  • Permission to register the expenses and duration of each task.
  • Permission to approve the task and its expenses.
  • Permission to prepare invoices and register their value and execution timing and register expenses and customers’ names.

FAQs about the project management program

In case of a salary change, does it affect the cost of the ongoing task?

Of course, any change - increase or decrease - in the salary affects the cost of planned or ongoing tasks.

Are the employee's working hours connected to his task execution hours?

The program can issue a specific report to compare the task execution timing with the employee's working hours, whether the attendance registration is done in logbooks or in print.

What reports does the project management program issue?

  • Reports of the executed and ongoing projects.
  • An analytical report of a specific task or tasks and comparing the completed to the planned.
  • Analytical studies to compare the planned and actual expenses.
  • Separate income report for each customer, task, or total.
  • Estimated income reports.

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