Reduce your cost and incorporate your company in Egypt

Investing in Egypt is an opportunity for entrepreneurs around the world.

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In light of the global economic crisis and the decrease of the currency of Egypt, and this represents an opportunity for entrepreneurs to obtain:

1.Technical, administrative, financial competencies, world-class cadres and English language proficiency.

2.The cost is much lower than the global market due to the decrease of the local currency against international currencies.

By establishing a limited liability company, one person, or a branch of a foreign company inside the Egypt, and get a commercial register, tax card and open a bank account in Egypt, all of these with average cost $ 1000 and start your business:

1.Assign all required users to your Egyptian company.

2.Pay their monthly salaries in Egyptian currency.

3.Issuing an invoice from the Egyptian company to the parent company.

4.The parent company makes a bank transfer with the invoice value

5.The parent company has the right to input the Egyptian invoice as an approved tax expense within the tax return of their financial statement.

In order to serve the following activities:

1.Activities of a professional and service nature.

  • Many activities in the world now depend on remote operation without the need to be present at the company's headquarters, which will give you the opportunity to use trained competencies at the highest level in a country with a relatively lower standard of living, which is reflected in their salaries and the cost of accommodation, visas and travel..... , thus reducing your cost by at least 60%.

2.Activities of an industrial nature.

Move the headquarters of your factory to the territory of the Egyptian state and take advantage of investment and export opportunities, as the Egyptian state encourages this by all means through:

  • Allocating land for industrial projects in small amounts and in annual installments for long periods.
  • All export operations are exempt from VAT.
  • If the company is established in a free zone, all the company's profits are tax-exempt.
  • In the event that it is proven that the company owns regular books legally, it has the right to transfer its funds to and from Egyptian countries without restrictions.
  • Obtaining export subsidies from the Egyptian government at rates of up to 15%.

Establishing a company in the Egyptian state does not represent a risk at the business level or at the tax level except in the following two points:

1. First, Business Risks There are no business risks in the Egyptian state for the following reasons:

  • Security stability pervades the entire country.
  • Judicial stability that guarantees access to the right.
  • Reasonable legal stability to ensure the development of plans and mechanisms for future periods.

2. Second, Tax risks

  • There are no tax risks in the Egyptian state, where the tax system is fully managed through an automated system for declaration and payment, except for

Egypt's signing of the OECD agreement , which requires it to acknowledge any transactions between the Egyptian company and any subsidiaries or sister companies in the countries of the world, a risk that can be avoided simply through the commitment to submit internationally prescribed declarations.

Investing in Egypt is an opportunity for entrepreneurs around the world.

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