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Hiring a tax expert in Egypt is not a new thing, Still, some taxpayers do not have sufficient awareness of the importance of having a tax expert to perform tax tasks, especially with the increasing number of fines and penalties stipulated by law for evaders and those who default on paying their taxes.  Most taxpayers encounter great risks due to ignorance of the nature of the tax imposed, non-payment of tax or other problems.

In studies conducted by the Tax Authority, it was found that most taxpayers who pay their taxes and submit their tax returns on time are the ones who delegate a tax expert to deal with the tax authority.

Who is the tax expert in Egypt?

The tax expert is a certified legal accounting advisor who works independently, privately or within a government organization or certified accounting firm.

The tax expert has extensive experience in dealing with all tax fields with a previous work experienced of not less than ten years. One of his most important features is to keep up to date with the latest regulations and amendments to the Tax Authority law.

Tax expert duties

The primary duty of a tax expert is to preserve the rights of both the taxpayer and the tax authority by following the provisions of the law, instructions and tax regulations.

He also plays a direct role in developing the tax performance of the citizen and an indirect role in the development of the state. You can understand this by knowing some of the tasks, which include:

  • Exempting the citizen from tax or reducing it to the maximum possible legally.
  • Informing taxpayers of their tax rights and the rights of the tax authority to protect them from tax evasion.
  • Educating the citizen and encouraging him to commit to registering for the tax and performing his duty towards the homeland.
  • Accurately calculate taxes for the taxpayer by calculating income tax and commercial profits.
  • Tax planning for modern companies and projects.
  • Accurately calculate value-added tax on goods and services, considering the exempted goods and services.
  • Help client to Prepar tax returns accurately by the provisions of the law.
  • Distinguishing between the types of tax imposed on the taxpayer and all the particular laws for each tax.
  • Protection of taxpayers from exposure to the provisions of the law and its penalties.
  • Calculation and optimization of corporate tax.
  • Legal representation of the citizen before the authorities and government agencies.
  • Providing tax advice to taxpayers to assist them in implementing the provisions of the law.
  • The General Tax Authority, the Ministry of Finance, and other bodies seek the assistance of a tax expert to discuss drafts of the law to avoid errors and distortions.
  • He also indirectly increases foreign investment and tax compliance, benefiting the state and the citizen.

Skills a Certified Tax Professional must possess

When hiring the tax consultant, you must ensure that he has several skills that prove his professionalism. The skills of a successful tax expert include:

Significant scientific and professional experience: The tax expert must have practiced the profession for at least ten years and have certificates proving that. It is also preferable to have scientific degrees such as master’s and doctorate.

Good reputation: The tax expert must have good moral character, integrity and credibility.

Full awareness of Tax Reduction Strategies: A tax expert uses various techniques and methods to reduce personal and corporate tax.

The skill of conducting accounting equations: The expert must have superior skills in carrying out various calculations.

Accurate knowledge: A successful tax expert knows the value of every financial piece of information, no matter its size, so he must pay attention to every detail.

Analytical skill: The tax expert must be able to analyze information and results and extract accurate and useful reports on them.

Time management skill: Every delay in submitting the return or paying the tax will expose the taxpayer to the penalties of the law, so the expert must have the skill of time management.

Continuous skill development: The expert must stay abreast of the latest amendments in the corporate tax law, value added tax, etc.

Communication with clients: Continuous development of expert communication skills with clients, both written and verbal, is preferred.

The role of tax services in reducing the tax burden on companies and individuals

Accounting and tax offices and companies play an important role in alleviating the tax burden on people and business, as they provide many tax services; Such as: 

Tax advice:

  • Preparing the annual or monthly tax return for sales tax.
  • Settling disputes and making settlements with the Tax Authority.
  • Preparing annual adjustments for tax on wages and salaries.  

Tax planning:

  • Follow-up of the daily tax activities.
  • Automation and electronic registration of tax tasks.
  • Executing the requests of tax authorities and coordinating work with the tax administration.  

Tax audit service:

  • Reviewing tax returns.
  • Tax agency service.
  • Ensure the integrity of the application of value-added tax in the company.
  • Submitting petitions and reconsideration of the calculated taxes.
  • Refund of the tax-exempt amount.  

Real estate tax services:

  • Preparing tax returns for real estate.
  • Follow up on the collection process.
  • Submitting requests for tax payment.  

Dealing with the electronic tax authority website:

  • Preparing and submitting electronic reports.
  • Registration on the electronic invoice system.
  • Follow up on payment.  

The best tax expert in Egypt | ECPA Certified Tax professionals

taxation is not everything; people and companies may unconsciously have an incorrect tax situation. By hiring a professional and trusted tax expert, accountant auditing your company. He can also illustrate the critical problems, the potential obstacles, and the solutions. This is our primary role.

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FAQ about the tax expert in Egypt.

How does a tax expert in Egypt benefit people and companies in tax optimization?

The tax expert works to reduce tax fees on companies and persons by using all legal benefits without violating any provision of the law.

How is value-added tax treated?

Value Added Tax is one of the latest emerging taxes. Our tax experts understand VAT laws well. They can calculate its value on all goods and services.

The tax burden will be reduced with the assistance of a professional tax expert from the ECPA office. We have the best tax experts, the latest electronic accounting software, and all the techniques necessary for your company’s reporting and tax and financial planning. Don’t miss your chance to win an instant free tax consultation. 

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