Operating and control systems in the business world

The concept of systems and the general framework of control and operation systems and the importance of studying systems through audit offices and the technological impact on systems

Attia Hamdy - • Capital ERP for System Managment

Operating and control systems in the business world :

Systems Concept:

System Definition:

The system is defined as a set of parts that are linked together according to a mutual relationship that follows specific standards in order to produce a specific goal, and the system consists of inputs, the operations required to reach the outputs that are within certain specifications that are predetermined.

  • General Framework of Control and Operation Systems
  • The systems operate on a set of axes.
  • Mali hub
  • Administrative axis
  • Operational Hub
  • Censorship axis
  • How to build systems

The importance of studying systems through audit offices :

The work of the auditors is to verify that the reports issued by the establishments are sound and reliable.

Since these reports are issued by systems designed to serve business establishments and are responsible for the integrity of these reports, it was inevitable for auditors to give a huge part of their interests to evaluate these systems.

Since the management of the facility knows the seriousness of this system, it always revolves between two circles, but the continuous search for its development and support, and in this case it resorts to auditors

Or search for its wording to reach specific reports for management that you want to appear, which may misrepresent the financial positions of their establishments, and the responsibility of auditors is very essential in discovering this inappropriate wording.

Technological impact on systems :

  • The system changes according to the tools through which the system that is managed through traditional tools will work, certainly will not be compatible with non-traditional outputs
  • Example: The bank registration system within establishments used to depend on
  • Discount Notice
  • Addition Notice
  • and bank reconciliation
  • With the Internet Bank starting the role of the bank reconciliation memorandum in vanishing

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